Friday, August 2, 2013

king blood - where is he? 7in

KING BLOOD has returned!!!!!!!  yes i'm always ready for another dose of BLOWN OUT STONER PSYCH ROCK from the enigmatic guitar slayer KING BLOOD!!!!!!!   after two excellent lps, EYEWASH SILVER and VENEGANCE, MAN, i figured KING BLOOD was gonna disappear into thin air, never to release another song, but i was dead wrong.  WHITE DENIM tracked him down and strong-armed TWO NEW SONGS outta KING BLOOD, which comprise the brand new WHERE IS HE? EP.......

supposedly stripped down, repurposed guns n roses riffs, BOTH SONGS ON THE NEW 7 INCH ARE IN THE RED, FUZZED TO THE MAX, MIND MELTING TASTES OF GUITAR DESTROYING PSYCHEDELIC ROCK.........  unlike much else you can soak yer ears in......  KING BLOOD will transport you to another dimension, where everyone loves japanese psych, where lps on RICHIE RECORDS are on the radio constantly, where AFFLICTED MAN is more famous than hendrix. and where sabbath and blue cheer are the start of rock n roll, not elvis or the beatles.........and god damn i wish that was the universe we live in...........

so let's just say everyone needs this 7 inch now. 
one spin and yer life will change.
never will you be seduced by overproduced / radio friendly music again!!!!!!


King Blood: "Well, Well, Well" from king blood on Vimeo.

and download the B SIDE, "WELL WELL WELL" here.....

and click here to buy the 7 inch!  do it now cuz, there are only 300 copies in existence!!!!!!!!!
and it's another highly recommended jam from the mysterious KING BLOOD!!!!!!!!

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