Friday, July 26, 2013

the penetrators - kings of basement rock (reissue)

syracuse, new york unwittingly gave birth to one of the best/worst bands of all time......the infamous garage punks, THE PENETRATORS....!!!!!!  formed in 76 as punk was exploding, the penetrators kicked out their own unique twisted version of garage rock... snotty, loud and amateur as can be.......!!!! informed by the garage rock greats, they were one of the first bands smash PUNK ROCK and GARAGE into one unwieldy beast....and deserve a rightful cult status next to other such groundbreaking groups as THE TESTORS, DMZ, JOHNNY THUNDERS and THE CRAMPS..... certainly a band that inspired countless others!!!!

their one and only lp came out in 86 on FRED RECORDS, and has been woefully outta print for years......until now.......thanks to SLOVENLY RECORDS, we can once again spin "KINGS OF BASEMENT ROCK" a title that just about says it all........ ask around and more than one person will put the penetrators' lp in their list of top ten records of all time........  

"KINGS OF BASEMENT ROCK" is more than essential, 
it's fucking NECESSARY.
as pure and wild as rock n roll gets.....!!!!
and a record with the power to cause juvenile delinquency for years to come.

hands down the reissue of the year.

listen to KINGS OF BASEMENT ROCK below.....
   and grab a copy from SLOVENLY RECORDS here

and watch the PENETRATORS homemade video for SHOPPING BAG -
 (which is getting pressed as 45 by WINDIAN RECORDS very soon!!!!!)

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