Tuesday, July 2, 2013

birds of maya - celebration

so i thought BIRDS OF MAYA were no longer, but i was assured that wasn't the case, even that long after the apocalypse, they would still be here rockin' louder and more fierce than ever.......  well i didn't quite believe it since PURLING HISS and SPACIN' seemed to take up all their time these days and both the side project bands had released such killer new albums, would there be time for the band that started it all?

of course!!!  LITTLE BIG CHIEF RECORDS released CELEBRATION, a live lp, from BIRDS OF MAYA and fuckin a do these guys tear it up!!!!!!!

fans of high octane, wall of feedback, guitar bruising psych rock will most certainly need to track down this latest from BIRDS OF MAYA......  CELEBRATION channels the deepest and dirtiest of guitar rock greats, from BLUE CHEER to THE STOOGES and from FLOWER TRAVELIN BAND to HAWKWIND...... so throw out yer ZEP records and sell yer ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE lps......nobody trainwrecks garage, hard rock, japanese psych and space rock into one cosmic fireball of noise like BIRDS OF MAYA does........

maybe for the uninitiated, READY TO HOWL or VOL. 1 are better starting places, but CELEBRATION is two sides of unadultered rock n roll madness, the kind that just never gets old....

highly recommended and woefully limited to 350 copies,
you better scour the web now for a copy before it's gone for good.....

here's crossing my fingers for another BIRDS OF MAYA release and/or tour soon.

watch the promo video for CELEBRATION - 

and watch BIRDS OF MAYA live below -