Wednesday, July 17, 2013

obn iiis - live at wfmu

if you haven't seen the OBN IIIs live, yer missing out.....they're one of the best garage punk bands kicking around these days!!!!!  but no worries, cuz they're bringing their live show to YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!  after two stellar albums for TIC TAC TOTALLY (both must own lps), OBN IIIs with the help of 12XU RECORDS just released LIVE AT WFMU, a blazing set of their muscular rock n roll you can set on yer turntable anytime you feel like pretending to host yer own house show!!!!!!

nobody combines the snarl of the stooges, alice cooper and mc5 with the bouncing punk of johnny thunders, redd kross and the replacements into one snotty in-yer-face set of non stop fist pumping / cave stomping garage punk anthems like you'll find on LIVE AT WFMU.....  

seriously recommended!!!  but act quick, cuz very few copies of this live album were pressed....and we all hate seeing that SOLD OUT sign at shows.......

and grab at copy from 12XU here.....

(click here if yer trying to listen on a mobile device)

watch the OBN IIIs tear it up live below -

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