Saturday, April 30, 2011

live at third man records

here are a few of the lps in the LIVE AT THIRD MAN RECORDS series that you should have:



(enjoy, this post may not last long.  i don't want anyone from nashville breathing down my neck.......)

Friday, April 29, 2011

kid congo and the pink monkey birds- gorilla rose

Gun Club co-founder. Gunslinger for The Cramps. Six-string stylist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. 

The legendary Kid Congo Powers named his new album Gorilla Rose after the artist / performer. 

As a teenage boy, Powers met Gorilla Rose in the emerging LA punk scene of the '70s through seminal weirdo band The Screamers. He recalls, "Gorilla was a close and constant presence and influence on The Screamers and me as a young pup. He was to The Screamers like Bobby Neuwirth was to Dylan-a jester of sorts, sparking many of their great lyric ideas. I still think Gorilla Rose is the most fabulous nom de plume in history. His unsung specter was in my mind a lot last year so I decided to title the album Gorilla Rose to honor his name and bring him into rock 'n' roll's ongoing conversation."

the gorilla rose lp is much like kid congo's more famous musical endeavors.  his albums with the pink monkey birds are, to try and pinpoint it more clearly, are 80s post punk influenced garage with a good dose of swampy good ol' rock n roll.....  

you just need to listen to kid congo to know what i mean.  subtle and catchy at the same time, it's like you've heard these songs a million times and yet never quite heard anything like them before.  

not very often does the garage scene offer up an album by someone with this much cred and talent..... fuck all of us young kids and the bands we are all in and like.  kid congo has been showing us how to rock for quite some time, and you should listen up.......

click here to grab the "GORILLA ROSE" lp.... (then go buy it may 17th from in the red records)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

high tension wires - welcome new machines

members of the marked men, riverboat gamblers, bad sports and the mind spiders, well you know this is gonna be garage influenced punk rock at its most catchy and fun....

WELCOME NEW MACHINE is the third high tension wires lp and possibly the best so far..... i have no idea why the blogs are blowing up about these guys.....(my guess is most of the other blogs are just regurgitating pitchfork reviews.)

don't miss out.... 

but if you like it as much as me, go buy it from dirtnap records as soon as you can run to yr local record store....

stream BACKBONE off the new lp below....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

up and comers- the peoples temple

here's what HOZAC records has to say about the peoples temple.......

"This Lansing, Michigan gang of renegade upstarts has been extremely prolific over the last couple of years, and as the time quickly passes by, even better songs have evolved, as this debut LP will undoubtedly prove. 

Formed from two sets of brothers, The People’s Temple have a certain cohesion that’s hard to pin down, yet impossible to resist. Taking the listener even further down the darkened path, they straddle the line between simple garage intentions and certain lysergic after effects, causing these songs to take on a 13th Floor Elevators/Troggs/Black Diamonds vibe that’s basically supposed to be impossible to pull off without sounding corny. 

The dirgy yet sparkling production that rears its head on their debut album here may seem like quite a leap forward (a la the Smith Westerns on their debut LP) to listeners already hooked on their string of 7” singles, but the songwriting shines through remarkably well, and quickly separates them from the pack. 

With hazy nods to both shoe-gaze and 60s pop/psych interspersed with their own signature sound, they burst through the thickening fog with anthemic precision and unshakable pleasure, as each track revs up and blasts off through the stratosphere, sending waves of chills and reverberation in every direction. Its always exciting when a band creates such a break-though like this, and we’re beyond ecstatic to help it take off and rip through the sky."

tiny grooves suggests you buy this LP.  some of the best NUGGETS INSPIRED PSYCH/GARAGE we've heard all year.......  check out the "sons of stone" LP below.......

Peoples Temple 'Sons of Stone' debut LP by HOZAC RECORDS

rumors i hear rumors of the sic alps playing here soon.......

Sunday, April 24, 2011

tv ghost- cold fish / mass dream lps

tv ghost is noise drenched art rock from indiana.

but more than just feedback from art school kids, tv ghost has the propulsive drive of no wave filtered through some sort of nightmare post punk.....  

fans of the intelligence, k-holes, chrome cranks and early sonic youth will love the aural destruction of tv ghost.  lodging a eerie melody in a wall of skronk.... this is music that you fall into and can't escape from.....

tv ghost is playing hozac's BLACKOUT FEST and has two excellent lps on IN THE RED records, 'cold fish' and recently released 'mass dream'.

click here to grab both TV GHOST albums or check them out below.......

up and comers- gg king

When the Carbonas died, Atlanta wept. Mothers and children, left orphaned by the deceased, wandered the streets with tears streaming mottled faces. Strong and silent men struggled to maintain composure, and they retreated to basement workbenches, biting lips, cracking knuckles, running hands through thinning hair, sullenly wondering: "Why?" Skies darkened. A palpable feeling of devastating loss plagued the city. Nay, the world.

Thankfully, ex-frontman Greg "GG" King wasted little time in yanking up his knickers and pursuing new noise. He wrote a series of tunes not unlike those he contributed to the
 Carbonas – that winning mix of hyperstrummed '70s Europunk and brawny stateside R'n'R pummel intact – and amassed a crew of friends and former bandmates to help him flesh out the din. He released a handful of solid teaser singles, played a number of good shows. He reasserted himself as one of Atlanta's greatest exports.

And now, with the release of 
Esoteric Lore, his first full-length longplayer, the venerable GG King moves beyond his old guard, skindiving in new sinkholes.

Yes, herein we find some highly Carbonic moments – traces of 
Hubble BubbleThe Kids, Zero Boys, et. al. – but we also hear the King & Co. vamp on vibes harnessed only previously by goth-punk forebears: early Christian Death45 Grave. We sense smudged traces of minimal mania a la 100 Flowers. We catch whiffs of the emblematic hardcore of the Germs T.S.O.L., feel the plod 'n' thud of Negative Trend. We're treated to bits of hijacked shortwave, aural static clinging 'tween songs proper, bleeding into the tunes themselves. And we hear a walloping wayward punk rec that nods knowingly toward L.A.-circa-'82, but in melding its influences, somehow sounds distinctly Atlanta, and right now.

And right now, here's what's happening: 
Rob's House Records and Scavenger of Death bring you GG King's Esoteric Lore, the newest chapter in Atlanta's seedy R'n'R trajectory.

Release Date: May, 2011. 
Pressing Details: 1000 pressed; 200 white vinyl, 800 black vinyl.

so excited for this release, you don't even know.......go buy the lp when it comes out.

if you don't know about gg king, check out these releases for the sampling below.....

gg king- drug zoo 7"

gg king- Adult Rock 7''

gg king - last of the night wiggers ruff demo cs

drunk pixels: the black lips

the black lips always seem to induce a near riot every time they place in chicago--a state of frenzied enthusiasm most bands can never ask for from a crowd.  

and that edge of mayhem might stem from the all ages audience mixing with the hard drinking older kids, but when the black lips break into 'bad kids' it doesn't matter where the show is or who's in the audience, no one wants to behave.....

the black lips played their hits, and songs from across their catalog as always.  the black lips aren't one of those bands that refuses to play anything older than the last album....

they rocked quite a few new jams from their upcoming arabia mountain lp....which has them leaning more towards power pop and jangling garage than the lo-fi killed by death influenced garage punk of the past.

the new songs garnered less excitement from the crowd, but i dare say that once everyone has the new lp that won't be the case....'go out and get it' could be their next raucous anthem......

anyway, the black lips are always worth the cover charge.

make sure you go see them if you can, and even if you have to drive a couple of hours.   not every band plays shows like it might be their last.....

Black lips 2

Black lips 1

the video below is the black lips' last song of the evening, and yes it's a shit video, but i don't have a real camera, so try to enjoy it anyway......

(ps thanks to gaper's block for the additional photos, you know the better of the two photos in the post had to be borrowed from someone who is a professional.)

Friday, April 22, 2011

black lips tonight at the logan sq. auditorium

go see the mayhem of the black lips tonight with the vivian girls and outer minds......

and yeah buy their forthcoming lp, arabia mountain, this summer..... these two tracks above are already stuck in my head........

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tomorrow night (april 20th)

go see parts and labor @ the empty bottle with call me lightning........

or perhaps you should go to the white mystery lp release party @ panchos (both early and late shows for the drinkers and the kids)

or get psyched with the great society mind destroyers @ the beauty bar for free.......

or see the crocodiles with the fresh and onlys @ lincoln hall.......which will also be fun..........

but parts and labor is my recommendation........i know its difficult to make this kinda decision for yr wednesday night..... all i'm saying is that you have to see one of these shows...........

Saturday, April 16, 2011

record store day recap.

well record store day was a success.....

purchased records by....  the seeds, thirteen floor elevators, off!, ty segall, the oh sees, tyvek, velvet underground, deerhunter, scientists, bad brains and more........ as well as the yearly trouble in mind records split seven inch.......

plus buying tons of awesome of used lps and singles at the pop-up record store curated by the numero group........

and getting some freebies from permanent, hozac, vampi soul and subpop records....

thanks to reckless, saki, permanent, dusty grooves, numero group and everyone else involved in the chicago music scene for making my fav holiday such a great fucking time........

tomorrow i will be doing nothing but listening to records at my apartment...........

Thursday, April 14, 2011

bare wires @ schubas sunday night (4/17)

go see the bare wires sunday night at schubas....... with paul cary and tiny bones.  8pm and $8.....

not convinced?  watch below........

up and comers- wrong words

"For those of us who take our record collection maybe a little too seriously, it’s a comfort when a band just seems to get it. While there isn’t much left to be said about the current music scene in San Francisco, the Wrong Words have combined all of its best elements (power pop, punk and a dab of flower-psych) on this amazingly solid debut LP.  Recorded by Greg Ashley of The GRIS GRIS and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Wrong Words have been referred to as a “West Coast Gentleman Jesse.” While there is no denying the Californian influence, there is a midwestern blue collar pop feel as well a’la The Scruffs or more than a few tracks off of the Yellow Pills comp. This album has pop hooks galore, great lyrics and ripping guitar work. The Wrong Words take tried and true themes such as hating your day job and letting your girl down but put their own ‘catchy as hell’ spin on them. Stick it on the turntable, but be warned, it’s going to be there for a while."

and well TROUBLE IN MIND is not lying.  this is some catchy power pop / garage rock.......go buy the lp here........  you won't be disappointed.  it's lps like this that convinced trouble in mind to release full lengths........

watch below.......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

record store day around the rest of chicago

@ dusty grooves....  free cds and refreshments.  djs of all kinds.  and the only confirmed spot to by yr RSD frank kozik collectable vinyl toy.......

@ second hand tunes.... open at midnight on friday (just as is permanent records), so perhaps another good spot to grab some of those real exclusive RSD releases......

@ NUMERO GROUP....yr fav label for repressing obscure r&b, soul and everything else good you need to listen to is opening a pop-up one day only record store along milwaukee avenue in wicker park for record store well as broadcasting their own NUMERO GROUP pirate radio station.... i mean holy shit that's awesome....... here's part of their RSD press release  "Oh, and did we not mention that we’re going to have our own record store on April 16th? A one day “flash” store set up in an empty space on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago? This isn’t just us setting up a table at a record fair, we’ve invited a dozen of our close friends (read: dealers) to set up shop as well. Walking into the Numero record shop will be like walking into the record store of your dreams. Decently priced vinyl in great shape, not a bunch of common dross that’s been picked through 1000 times and suffers from serious finger burn. We’ll have a live radio broadcast from the shop, spinning your favorite Numero tracks with old commercials, weather reports, and news updates we got in the Nickel & Penny acquisition. Have you been dying to hear the commercial for Midwest Floor and Tile backed by the South Shore Commission? For one day only, paradise will be found at a store front in Chicago.  But wait, there’s more! We’re manufacturing 100 copies of an exclusive Eccentric Soul 45 that you can only buy at the Numero store. You want this record? Book a flight to Chicago. These hand-numbered singles will be available one per person, with the buyer’s name entered into a registry. If you’re a Numero subscriber, we’ll even hold a copy for you!  Many more details to come, but if you’re looking for a place to spend Record Store Day 2011, may we suggest you do it with Numero?"    click here to keep up with all the numero group RSD party details....

@ jazz record mart.....the rumor is afternoon jazz and blues performance, though details are sketchy...

@record breakers.....well the RSD in-store list is like a mini's the line-up in no particular order.....magic child, aetiology, hemmingbirds, certain stars, steepwater band, ornery little darlings, rocket to the moon, darling and flame shark.......i'm not sure about any of these bands, but why not go check it out.....everything in the store is 10% off as well.....

@beverly records.......all used vinyl is 20% off and they have a waylon jennings tribute band.....awesome.....

and as for the rest of the chicago-land record stores, well who knows?  val's halla, dave's, oak park records, hard boiled, grammaphone, death or glory and the hand full of other record stores struggling to stick around haven't even posted anything about RECORD STORE DAY.  i mean come on, get with the program and figure out how to use the internet........

but it's not as if there isn't enough going on already......and i know there will be some last minute surprises so stay tuned......!

Monday, April 11, 2011

april 20th @ beauty bar.......

GREAT SOCIETY MIND DESTROYERS bring some heavy psych jams to the kids for free at the beauty bar april 20th......around 11pm.....

i'll see you there if yr not too busy listening to records at home......

record store day @ saki

RSD at saki....3716 w fullerton, chicago

In-Store performances:
1pm - Distractions
2pm - Bob Dey's Tank Engine Man
3pm - Chaperone
4pm - 1900s
5pm - Rabid Rabbit
6pm - In Tall Buildings
7pm - This Is Cinema

Also: Give-aways from Ghostly International and Flinco Sound System! And come on by and check out the CHIRP table for neat swag and information on volunteering!

saki RSD After Party at The Burlington - As RSD 2011 comes to a close, we’ll all need a drink, or ten. Join us at the neighborhood watering hole, The Burlington (3425 W Fullerton) from 10pm-3am for the official SAKI RSD after party. There will be special guest DJs from The Runnies, Rabble Rabble, CHIRP, and saki staffers. Plus, drink specials, including a FREE PBR for anyone with a 4/16/11 record store receipt, and a SHOT & a PBR for $5! 

record store day @ planet of sound

RSD events for laurie's planet o' sound...

FRIDAY 4/15  time to be announced......MIKE WATT (of the minutemen, yep i hope you knew that) 
  so fucking stoked about this in-store, but sadly saturday is less exciting....

SATURDAY 4/16   Special performances by: 
CANDY GOLDE (feat. Bun E. Carlos) at 1pm
VEE DEE at 5pm

record store day @ reckless

here's the low down on RSD @ reckless records.  all three stores are having bands play, but tiny grooves will probably only head over to the wicker park location, cause there's more music by cooler bands.   though reckless tends to throw in some awesome last minute in-stores for record store day, so stay tuned......

and ps, if you want the new white mystery lp before it hits the streets, it'll be exclusive to reckless on record store day.

here's the schedule according to their website.....

Candy Golde (with Bun E.Carlos of CHEAP TRICK!!)
Joan of Arc
Jeff Parker (of Tortoise) solo guitar performance
Cairo Gang
Tyler John Tyler
Singlemen Affair

Rock n' Roll caricatures by Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave

Cult of Youth
Raw Nerve
more possibly TBA

Slow Witch (Angela of Sybris)
more possibly TBA

record store day @ permanent records

the only store open at midnight in chicago for RECORD STORE DAY.   come join the frenzy and fight with me for all the exclusive releases........

free reigning sound show @ the empty bottle 4.28

Friday, April 8, 2011

up and comers: bass drum of death

despite having the worst band name in tiny grooves' itunes, BASS DRUM OF DEATH is catchy punky fuzzy garage pop, you know the kind we like.   yeah so they might be the half way point between jay reatard and wavves.  or japandroids and ty segall.  but who the fuck cares?  derivative or not?  most likely not.  the point is this lp might be yer summer jam.   

click here to grab the GB CITY lp (on inflated/fat possum)

check them out at the empty bottle---->
MON. 4/18/11 (10:00pm; Free)
Bass Drum of Death
Cool Devices related: Means
After tours with Fat Possum label mates TURBO FRUITS and LOVER!, BASS DRUM OF DEATH is a two-man strong attack formation of garage pop, equal parts HASIL ADKINS and NIRVANA. Pitchfork has raved, "don't let their ominous-sounding name fool you: Oxford, MS duo BASS DRUM OF DEATH make noisy, garage rock that's easy to like," and Victim of Time has called their tunes, "fuzz-ridden noise calamities wrapped around simple pop tunes that seems as brilliantly eroded and dangerous, as they seem to bleed with modern blues shards." Tonight they're joined by Chicago's own COOL DEVICES, a band described by The Deli Magazine as "playing a fierce for of rock that is bound to make you nod and possibly thrash your head," to round out tonight's FREE double-header.

 watch here....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

guide to yr weekend!

so friday april 8th @ the empty bottle, its DAVILA 666 with the yolks
  don't miss this killer of a garage rockin' night of drinking.....

and wake up hungover and shop for records all saturday and sunday at the CHIRP record fair.
   @Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Union, located at 1340 W. Washington Blvd. Chicago, IL

plus to top the weekend off, go see WIRE saturday april 9th @ the metro..... i'm mean they're my kinda "classic" rock........

......or if yr too tired to leave the some awesome chicago bands rock via yr computer below.....

031 Heavy Times from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

021 Tiger Bones from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

030 White Mystery from Kyle Obriot on Vimeo.

tyvek- time change 7"

happy thursday.  click here to grab a digital copy of TYVEK's new time change 7".

you need some noisy art punk after a long week at work.

the return of hozac's BLACKOUT fest

May 27–28th 2011 at Chicago’s most sophisticated ballroom, THE VELVETPERINEUM in Logan Square (venue holds 500+).
There will be 250 “golden tickets” for discounted Friday/Saturday entry, details below.
Friday 5/27:
The Spits
The Brides
TV Ghost
The Happy Thoughts (debut LP available at the show!)
Mickey (debut LP available at the show!)
Saturday 5/28:
Nervous Eaters (the original mid-70s Boston punk band!)
Tutu & the Pirates (Chicago’s 1st recorded punk band from ‘77 : Gizmos meets The Damned)
Timmy’s Organism
Puffy Areolas
Idle Times
Reading Rainbow
People’s Temple
Heavy Times
Radar Eyes
Outer Minds
and don’t forget!!
May 26th: FREE Art Show/Blackout Opening Party at THE VELVET PERINEUMwith works on display by:
+ bands TBA!
There will be 250 “golden tickets” for discounted Friday/Saturday entry, then 250 available at the door for each date.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

the weekend is pulling me in so many directions

so today i'm leaning towards seeing moon duo @ reckless records wicker park at 5pm
then off to the crown tap to see overnight lows (awesome garage punk from mississippi)

but the hentchmen (garage pop from michigan) are playing the hideout tonight, blank dogs are playing with moon duo later at the empty bottle and OFF! (keith morris' new hardcore punk super side project) is playing the bottom lounge.  these are more than just viable options, all of these shows are worth seeing.  too bad i can't be in four places at once.

and sunday isn't any more clear cut.  my fav noise makers, lightning bolt, are rocking logan sqaure auditorium at 7pm.  but i've seen them so many times, that i might check out the second hozac show with the shrapnelles and topless mongos at the crown tap.  you can trust hozac records to dig up yr new fav band.   and though i dont know much of anything about those bands, i know it'll be fun.........

frank kozik celebrates record store day

maybe yr not into the vinyl toy thing, but who doesn't love frank kozik's smorkin labbit toys and his crazy screen print show posters?

well not to be left out on record store day, frank kozik has created a vinyl toy punk rocker to commemorate the day.  there are five thousand up for grabs, and i'm hoping to put one of top of my record shelf.....

Friday, April 1, 2011

guide to record store day releases

my fav holiday is soon before you scramble into all yer local record stores in one day, here's a list of RECORD STORE DAY releases you should grab...... that is if i don't grab 'em first!

Bad Brains: "Pay to Cum" 7" and
God of Love [ROIR] [reissues]
Big Star:
Third [Omnivore] [reissue]
The Black Angels:
Another Nice Pair and Phosgene Nightmare [Light in the Attic/Blue Horizon]
Black Twig Pickers/Glenn Jones: Split [Thrill Jockey]
Built to Spill: "Ripple" 7" [WBR]
Friend Opportunity [Polyvinyl] [reissue]
Deerhunter: "Memory Boy" 7" [4AD]
Fela Kuti and the Africa 70:
Monday Morning in Lagos Parts 1 & 2 [Knitting Factory/MRI] [reissue]
The Flaming Lips:
Heady Nuggs: The First 5 Warner Bros. Records 1992-2002[Warner Bros.] [box set]
Flying Lotus:
Cosmogramma Alt Takes [Warp]
Fucked Up:
David's Town [Matador]
Green Day/Husker Du: "I Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely" 7" [WBR]
Palaces of Montezuma and Evil [Anti-]
The Kills: "Satellite" 10" featuring mixes by Mad Professor [Domino]
Mastodon/ZZ Top: "Just Got Paid" 7" [Warner]
New York Dolls: "Fool for You Baby" / "Pills" 7" [Savoy]
Hormoaning EP [Geffen] [reissue]
Live at Generation Records [Vice]
of Montreal: "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal" 12" [Polynvinyl]
Os Mutantes:
Everything Is Possible [Luaka Bop]
Panda Bear:
Tomboy limited edition LP [Paw Tracks]
Prurient: "Many Jewels Surround the Crown" 7" [Hydra Head]
The Red Krayola: "Hurricane Fighter Plane" [Snapper Music]
The Rolling Stones:
Brown Sugar 7" [UMe]
Sonic Youth:
Whore's Moaning 12" [Geffen] [reissue]
Where the Strings Come in Reissue [Merge]
Superchunk and Coliseum: Misfits covers 7" [Merge/Temporary Residence]
Syd Barrett:
An Introduction To... [Capitol]
Live at the Old Waldorf [Rhino]
Thirteenth Floor Elevators: "Wait for My Love" 7" [Snapper Music]
The Velvet Underground:
Foggy Notion [Sundazed]
Vivian Girls: "I Heard You Say" b/w "I Won't be Long" [Polyvinyl]
Wavves: "Thorns" b/w "TV Luv Song" 7" [Ghost Ramp / Trash Talk Collective]
The White Stripes: "Let's Shake Hands" and "Lafayette Blues" 7"s [Third Man]
End Blood [Secretly Canadian]
Various Artists:
Sing for Your Meat: Tribute to Guided by Voices [No More Fake Labels]

and remember, that even if you don't want any of these releases, you still need to go out on record store day for all the free goodies and live music. plus we all need to support our local music scene.......