Thursday, March 31, 2011

forgotten jams: the OUTSIDERS

sharing a name with the american band that gave us the garage pop anthem "time won't let me", the OUTSIDERS are an under appreciated garage psych band from Amsterdam. they released their epic swan song lp, CQ, to little fanfare in '68, but since then they've joined the monks as one of those garage bands you just need to know and love.

a little bit freakbeat (or nederbeat--dutch garage pop), some psych and a little proto punk via the velvet underground, the OUTSIDERS are fantastically addicting. file them right next to love, the pretty things and the seeds in the garage section of yr record collection. not everyone who bought a rolling stones lp in the early sixties started a great band, but these guys certainly did.....

if you can't find the reissue lp, grab CQ here. and watch below......

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


jack oblivian plays reggies tonight @ 10pm. don't miss this.

wed march 30th CALL ME LIGHTNING @beauty bar

don't miss milwaukee's CALL ME LIGHTNING tonight at the beauty bar for FREE. they've been one of wisconsin's best kept garage rock secrets for years, and as time as past they've gotten even more psyched out and loud.

watch part of a recent show below....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the april/may guide to rock n roll madness in chicago

this is not by any means a listing of all indie/punk/garage/noise shows in chicago the next two months, but these are the ones tiny grooves recommends. maybe i'll see you there......

(ps house/loft shows always seem to be advertised last minute, so always check back here. those are some of the best drunken times....)

friday april 1st @subterranean J MASCIS and KURT VILE
saturday april 2nd @bottom lounge OFF!
saturday april 2nd @crown liquors OVERNIGHT LOWS
saturday april 2nd @hideout HENTCHMEN
saturday april 2nd @empty bottle MOON DUO, BLANK DOGS and BITCHIN BAJAS
sunday april 3rd @lincoln hall SEBADOH
sunday april 3rd @logan sq. auditorium LIGHTNING BOLT
monday april 4th @ball hall RADAR EYES
wed. april 6th @empty bottle ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE
wed. april 6th @double door the FLESHTONES
thursday april 7th @viaduct theater MANNEQUIN MEN and LOVER! (free: click here for RSVP)
friday april 8th @empty bottle DAVILA 666 and the YOLKS
saturday april 9th @ metro WIRE
friday april 15th @ lincoln hall TOBACCO
friday april 15th @ schubas MIKE WATT

saturday april 16th RECORD STORE DAY with in-store performances at all the chicagoland record stores. tiny grooves has its guide to yr fav holiday forthcoming.....but be sure to take the day off......

monday april 18th @lincoln hall BLACK ANGELS
wed. april 20th @empty bottle PARTS & LABOR with CALL ME LIGHTNING
friday april 22nd @logan sq. auditorium BLACK LIPS and VIVIAN GIRLS
friday april 22nd @ metro TV ON THE RADIO
friday april 29th @empty bottle HUNX & HIS PUNX with SHANNON & the CLAMS
friday may 6th @ empty bottle DISAPPEARS
friday may 6th @ chicago theater NEIL YOUNG
sunday may 15h @ chicago theater ELVIS COSTELLO and the IMPOSTERS
thur. may 19th @bottom lounge GUITAR WOLF with CHEAP TIME
friday may 20th @empty bottle CRYSTAL STILTS
friday may 27th @empty bottle SPITS with TV GHOST
saturday may 28th @empty bottle MARKED MEN and TOYS THAT KILL

puffy areolas - in the army

just in case you need some more noise in yer life, click here to grab the puffy areolas' "in the army" lp. it's on siltbreeze, so you know it's quality. and if you get the chance, you gotta see the puffy areolas live.....

here's the write-up from REVOLVER: "For the past few years, Puffy Areolas have been fritzing synapses and scorching the landscape with their corroded psych / hardcore scree. Enlightened by the most unhinged charters of Acid Archives and Killed by Death alumnus, the Puffies' sound might best be described as embodying the Stooges' Raw Power if your pretty face had gone to hell. There, it would have encountered (among others) White Boy and The Average Rat Band, Tampax, Opus and Mag Amplitude for an eternal damnation of scarred depravity, the excesses of which would be legendary even by Hades standards.
In the Army 1981 is its own sadistic brand of plastic surgery, heavy on the anesthetic, short any bedside manner. Rude and ready for action, Puffy Areolas will forever be the bull in the china shop. And if that's China White you're talkin' about--well, friend, meet your new Daddy."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

drunk pixels: the dead ghosts

this was the in-store at permanent records. check dead ghosts out sunday (march 27th) at hallowed ground. and if you need directions to the house show, email me.

Dead ghost 7

Dead ghosts 3

Dead ghosts 2

Dead ghosts

Dead Ghosts - Permanent Records Chicago 03/26/11

(ps thanks GONZO CHICAGO)

Friday, March 25, 2011

moon duo- mazes (re-edit, no more freebies)

droned out psych pop. dark space jams inspired by some of the other great duos of musical history, coltrane and rashid ali, silver apples and suicide...catchy keyboards, spooky repetitive sonics and fuzzy guitars...MOON DUO will put you on another level of rock n roll..... this is more than just a side project of the wooden shjips, MOON DUO is one of the best psych rock noise making bands out there.

one of the tiny grooves' fav lps so far in 2011...... go buy this might live on my turntable the rest of the year.

catch them in chicago saturday april 2nd at the empty bottle.

and preview the psych jams below (download link removed by request of the label via the DMCA, sorry kids)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

davila 666 - tan bajo

davila 666 is puerto rican psych tinged garage rock......not just another mopey indie band going through the garage rock motions....

raucous live shows, catchy lo-fi vibe, and all in spanish. fuck all the hegemony of the english language (or the english) in rock n roll.....

these guys play loose fun rock like it should be's difficult to not compare davila 666 to the black lips, but you'll realize that they got something that is more than just a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy style to their music...maybe its the analog warmth or the fact you know they've listened to hundred of am pop 45s....

all i can say is that davila 666 is highly recommended.......

watch below, buy their records and go see them at the empty bottle on friday april 8th with the yolks

record mania: aka the CHIRP RECORD FAIR....coming soon!

Chirp record fair

more ty segall.....

click here to grab the awesome lp by ty segall entitled "live at aisle five" these live recordings go, its fucking fun. as rambunctious as his shows. just beware the album is all in flac....but you guys are tech savy right?

tiny grooves' weekend picks

holy shit...more rock n roll than i can take.... here's tiny grooves' concert guide to this weekend in chicago:

tonight march 24 @ schubas XRAY EYEBALLS with paul cary and nones

friday march 25 @ double door GREENHORNES with white mystery and hacienda

saturday march 26 @ permanent records 5pm DEAD GHOSTS with the yolks

saturday march 26th @reubens place PUFFY AREOLAS with RUNNING and Unholy Two (email for more info)

sunday march 27th @hallowed ground DEAD GHOSTS with tyler john tyler (email me for details)

i'm assembling my list of april/may shows. it's gonna be a killer year for sure. OFF!, fleshtones and guitar wolf are all coming soon.........

stay tuned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

tonight! an awesome free garage rockin show

at the empty bottle
MON . 3/21/11 ( 9:30pm , Free )
Heavy Times
Everybody's In
Lil Daggers
Killer Moon

HEAVY TIMES play hazy, minimalist garage-influenced rock, hopefully playing tunes off their excellent recent HoZac Records 7" and their 2010 released debut LP, Dead for tonight's FREE Monday show. HEAVY TIMES aren't timid or vague in their desire to burn your brain and spin your head with their angry punk anthems, smothered with badass guitars and played at break neck speeds - getting sonically beat-up never felt so good. EVERYBODY'S IN is the new project from members of Brooklyn by way of Detroit trio AWESOME COLOR, whose grizzled garage rock was equal parts hazy psychedelic freakout and brash boot stomping punk. Making their way up to Chicago from home-base Miami supporting their debut self-titled LP on Livid Records, LIL DAGGERS have been dubbed a "cross between the psych-rock of THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE and the spastic flower-punk performances of THE BLACK LIPS" by NYC Taper and NYLON has professed that they've "become addicted to their brand of 60s tinged, drawling garage rock." Weavers of psych, doom, acid and stoner rock, KILLER MOON have recently finished their new album, Tunnel Vision and they open here tonight. (Loud Loop Press)

buzz: thee oops

tiny grooves likes its punk rock loud, fast and destructive. so its great when someone gives you a tip to a new addicting fun punk lp. thee oops are melodic in yr face hardcore punk from italy. and i cannot stop listening to their new lp "taste of zimbabwe"......forget those days of annoying punk pop ever happened, this is the real deal. much like the speedy fuzzed out fun of the marked men and dillinger four... highly recommended.

the press release might just say it all.....

"At Slovenly Recordings we feel it is our responsibility to force upon the public a perfect album of straight up punk rock every now and then. Enter Sardinia, Italy’s Thee Oops! This debut LP “Taste of Zimbabwe” stabs your fuckin’ eyes out with an EVIL blast of violent ’81 style hardcore: 18 disgusting screamers racing from 41 seconds to just under a minute and a half. There are new classics galore here with “Drive Carefully,” and “Wooden Cunt,” with “Death to Brunetta” & “Fake News” bringing the real repugnance. “On The Lift” is the only song that manages to barely deviate from the HC blitzkrieg, careening into late 70s UK/ Australia territory. Equal parts hateful Italian politico murder decrees and paeans to interweb beat-off pages & real human orgies make this an album to help recruit youth to smash shit up and get the nubiles naked! The Slovenly devout will recognize some of the fury here coming from freakbeat gods The Rippers, who loaned out Claudio (guitar) and Andrea (screams) to bring this putrid platter to next-level nastiness."

and watch below and buy the album on march 29th at yr local record store:

Monday, March 14, 2011

drunk pixels: the obits

so i'm no photographer, but i gots a smartphone. so here's some terrible photos of the obits show. i hope you were there.

and if you weren't, go see them on this tour. the obits are selling their new lp before its release date. and its a contender for tiny grooves' best of 2011 list.....

Obits 4

Obits 1

Obits 3

Obits 2

ty segall tonight at the empty bottle

holy shit. don't miss this show. i know it's a monday night. but why let monday keep you from good music.

watch below:

up and comers- tiger bones

so most of the time, tiny grooves posts music without anyone's permission. sometimes labels give me a track or two to provide the masses, but most of the time it's the record companies sending agitating e-mails to tiny grooves, "how can you like music and give it away for free, if you keep doing this there will be no new music in two years...." ok not really.

but it's refreshing when a band is so excited about what they are up to, that they want you to have their songs. the old adage, the first one's free. well, tiger bones wants you to have their first ep. go here to grab it legally from candy diner.

they might be one of the rising stars of the chicago rock scene. they share a post-punk inflected garage pop inspired indie vibe with the ponys. though maybe tiger bones have taken the to heart the darker musical leanings and minimalism of some 80s new wave. and at the same time they love shimmering surf guitar chords and psychedelic harmonies. all this and upbeat enough to make you wanna dance. everyone keeps refering to tiger bones as a garage band, which i think is wrong. tiger bones has a little to much going on to hold to that narrower genre. its good music and a fun live show.....

and why now find out for yerself and download the ep for free. it'll make you feel like winter might just be over tomorrow.......

Friday, March 11, 2011

obits- tomorrow night.

the Obits are at the empty bottle tomorrow night with Jaill.

can't fuckin wait to hear the rest of the songs from their new lp "moody standard and poor" out on sub pop not quite soon enough........

listen to a track of the new album below..... and see you at the show!

up and comers- the wax idols

so you know when you hear about a band, but haven't seen them live cause they haven't toured to yr neck of the woods yet (or if they did you missed em) and the band doesn't have a release out (well maybe a cassette, but limited to a hundred copies that only got into the hands of their friends...).....but you hear that one of yr fav labels (HOZAC) decided to put their first seven inch out, cause the folks at hozac are forward-thinking people and arbiters of good taste in rock n roll bands......

so yr excited about this little known band, that for all you know may or may not actually exist. and of course they have a strange name. and or course they're from oakland. and yes members of said band may or may not have been in other little known bands that you've seen and added to yr top ten lists.......

but the label is set to release this single in march, maybe april, and maybe only through their singles subscription series, yet you still want to let people know about this band. cause this band could be yr life. or at least one fuckin party if you even get to see 'em live. or at least one jam on that next mix you make.........

so......the wax idols. awesome girl group fuzz pop garage. a soon to be released single on hozac. and a band you will definitely hear more from. better than best coast. give yr dum dum girls a run for their money. ought to team up with golden triangle or vivian girls for a tour. or just tell the garage rock boys they can rock even better......

so listen below and grab that single from hozac when its released.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the SOLO side project series on TROUBLE IN MIND

so what if you wanna hear songs by yr favorite garage rock songwriter yet can't wait for that new lp to finally hit the stores?

TROUBLE IN MIND has the answer. they're set to release some awesome 4 song ep 7 inches by yr fav artists later this march, in what they call the SOLO SERIES.

the first two releases are from the frontman of cheap time and the hex dispensers. this is not yr sappy indie rock daytrotter session (though don't get me wrong, i like daytrotter). these singles will be some rockin new songs for you to chew on for the spring time. jeffrey novak of cheap time already has a seriously good solo lp, so his 7 inch will be a must have..... and alex cuervo of the hex dispensers has written some damn fine songs himself, so i can't wait to hear what his single sounds like......

go to a record store near you on march 22, or jump over here to the trouble in mind site to grab these new jams........

listen below to a single of jeffrey novak's lp "after the ball".......

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

x-ray eyeballs - new single and an lp on the way

from the village voice:

"Xray Eyeballs is the sunny, garage-pop alter-ego of guitarist O.J. San Felipe (of Golden Triangle), a lazy-Sunday neo-Nuggets shout-along where a chorus can totally be "Let's all get high" if you want. His band's debut album, Not Nothing (out April 19 via Kanine) has the extroverted hooks of your favorite tri-colored Lookout! vinyl seven-inch, but was recorded via inward-gazing, bongwater-soaked lo-fi mushcore production -- as San Felipe says, "Jeremy Scott has some nice microphone tricks to make me sound like a caveman singing in a cave." Not Nothing's opening track, "Crystal," has flickers of Jay Reatard or Modern English, but it's mostly just a venue for San Felipe to belt cracked Valentines while his GT bandmates Carly Rabalais and Jay High churn along. Though Golden Triangle's glam-sleaze steez and multiple songwriters set them apart from Xray's teddy-bear punk, San Felipe's seems extra pumped to point out one difference: "I get to write love songs."

Xray Eyeballs frontman O.J. San Felipe on "Crystal"

What is "Crystal" about?
"Crystal" started off as a song about these girls I knew who did too much crystal meth, but somehow it evolved into kind of a break-up song, unexpectedly. So now it's a crystal meth breakup song!

What inspired it musically?
I was inspired by New York City in the late-night hours. Just ending up at random places with random people and situations and exposure to danger and shady things . . . I like going out dancing, and I wanted to make a song that DJs can throw on and make people dance at the immediate drop of the needle, or right when the bassline kicks in . . . kinda like when the Cure's "Just Like Heaven" comes on at a party and people freak out. Not to say we sound like the Cure or anything, but the way people lose it when that first bouncy drumbeat and bassline comes on, that's a hard thing to capture.

Xray Eyeballs is kind of part of a very poppy wave of New York punk, alongside the Men, the Obits, Pregnant -- can you attribute this wave to something?
Hmmm, I don't know what to attribute, but I like me a wave of poppy NY punk. I don't even write songs. I just make up a bunch of guitar and vocal hooks and put 'em all together, cram as many catchy things as I can in two and a half minutes and then it's a song. Hopefully at least one of those hooks will stay stuck in someone's head. It's percentages!"

watch the sexy video for "crystal" below. pick up the single from hozac records. (or preview/obtain it here) and buy the new X-Ray Eyeballs LP when it comes out. highly recommended......!

Xray Eyeballs "Crystal" from Painless Surgery on Vimeo.

and don't forget to see them live in a town near you......

3/7 - Black Cat - Washington, DC*
3/9 - Pinhook - Durham, NC &
3/10 - Little KIngs - Athens, GA
3/11 - 529 - Atlanta, GA
3/12 - Savannah Stopover Festival - Savannah, GA
3/13 - Siberia - New Orleans, LA
3/14 - Warehouse Live - Houston, TX
3/15 - 3/20 - SXSW - Austin, TX
3/22 - Valley of the Vapors Festival - Hot Springs, AK
3/23 - Hi Tone - Memphis, TN $
3/24 - Schubas Tavern - Chicago, IL %
3/25 - Atlas Bar - Detroit, MI @
3/26 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH

* w/JEFF the Brotherhood
& w/Spider Bags
$ w/Surf City, PUJOL, Turbo Fruits
% w/Nones
@ w/Terrible Twos

(thanks to brooklyn vegan, village voice and nodatta for pretty much the entire contents of this post. sometimes i feel like my blog is more like a mash-up or collage than an actual zine, or anything close to writing...... so thanks to those i've borrowed from always....)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

human eye

HUMAN EYE is hell bent noise punk....maybe post garage rock or post apocalyptic run through the ruins of detroit rock.....not quite sure how to classify the mayhem they seem to produce..... but for fans of noise rock, HUMAN EYE is a must see. not some kids with beards playing with tape loops and knobs on their keyboards, this is full in yer face punk--though more like the bastard child of suicide, 13th floor elevators and the black flag...... maybe a little psych, but please don't take any hallucinogens at their show, you will have nightmares.......

In the Red Records has this to say about HUMAN EYE.....
"From the ashes of punk stalwarts The Clone Defects-- who broke up in October '04-- rises a new and incredible band fronted by Defects' Tim Vulgar. Human Eye has rotated more heads than an exorcism televised during half-time at the Super Bowl. Vulgar calls what Human Eye does alien punk, though it is primitive enough to recall the basic punk attack of The Dead Boys or any Killed By Death band you care to name colliding with Throbbing Gristle or Chrome. You know, earthy but art-damaged...."

watch the videos below for a taste of the sheer inner ear problems you need to have friday night....twice if you feel like it....(at the empty bottle and early at permanent)

Monday, March 7, 2011

this week in shows:

Friday Mar 11th at Empty Bottle

*Human Eye

*ET Habit

*Drugs Dragons


(ALSO A FREE in-store with Human Eye @ Permanent Records 5PM BYOB!)

Saturday Mar 12th at Empty Bottle

* Obits

* Jaill

* The People's Temple

* Loose Dudes

Saturday Mar

12th at Hideout SXSW send off 1:30PM Show

* Outer Minds

* Chaperone!

* Mickey

* Radar Eyes

* Tiger Bones

* Skull Orchard

* Rabble Rabble

* Waco Brothers

Monday Mar 14th at Empty Bottle

* Ty Segall

* Heavy Cream

* Half Rats

* Slushy

see you there... an action packed weekend for sure.