Sunday, January 30, 2011

tyvek tonight

tonight @ the empty bottle, TYVEK with running and heavy times....@ 7pm (early show, and cheap, only $3......)

you don't wanna miss this show......i promise.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

overnight lows (goner records punk rawk, yes!)

overnight lows are just what you expect them to be. loud fuzzy garage punk. the timeless kinda rock that's catchy and fast and makes you wanna bounce around and get drunk...
another fantastic lp from goner records....

check overnight lows out in chicago on april 2nd @ the crown tap room for a rowdy good time....
and click here for their city of rotten eyes lp (an album that should've made my best of list for xx10, but i somehow missed listening to it until now.......)


the NIGHT BEATS, the pysch garage rockers on trouble on mind records, tell me a new LP is in the works due out in june..... "We are recording it on tape, live mostly, but we have overdubs of saxophone, flute, thunder, ambulance sirens and babies crying. Definitely going to sound different than our previous recordings and different than people who haven't seen us live lately might think. We also have a Split release scheduled for March with The UFO Club, a collaboration of Lee Blackwell (Night Beats) & Christian Bland (the Black Angels)." Also you can check them out live on their way to and from SxSW this spring.........

trouble in mind has this to say "Night Beats currently hail from Seattle but as two of the three members are originally from Texas, it's not hard to pick out the influence of golden age TX psych idols such as the 13th Floor Elevators, Lost and Found and Golden Dawn. This 4 song EP will melt your brain with it's mixture of druggy backbeats and blazing guitar work peppered with vocals that channel a screeching, howling Marc Bolan. They are fresh off of a slot at the 2010 Austin Psych Fest and we think you're going to be hearing a lot from these guys"

listen and watch below. i can't wait til the new LP come out. their 7" on trouble in mind is highly recommended.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

deerhoof vs evil vs bad music = good times

click here for the new deerhoof long player, deerhoof vs evil.... another eclectic indie album that twists and turns and makes you hum and bop around as it jangles in yr ipod...... if only every band could muster this creativity and constant quality....

highly recommended.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

king tuff tomorrow night

KYLE THOMAS (of HAPPY BIRTHDAY)'s alter ego project KING TUFF. Vintage grungy punk with modern pop twists......

tomorrow night @the empty bottle.....

check out king tuff below......

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

los black lips....on the attack

the new lp is due in spring/summer of this year, here's a clip on them in the studio...

and oh yeah......the black lips will be inciting a riot in a town near you soon......(with the vivian girls along for the ride)

2/24/11 Miami, FL Grand Central*
2/25-2/28/11 Miami, FL Bruise Cruise^
3/7/11 New Orleans, LA One Eyed Jacks$
4/6/11 Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle
4/7/11 Baltimore, MD Ottobar
4/8/11 Washington, DC Black Cat
4/9/11 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
4/12/11 New York, NY Webster Hall 4/13/11 Pawtucket, RI The Met
4/14/11 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
4/15/11 Montreal, QC Le National
4/16/11 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
4/17/11 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
4/19/11 Columbus, OH Outland Live
4/20/11 Newport, KY Southgate House
4/21/11 St. Louis, MO The Firebird
4/22/11 Chicago, IL Logan Square Auditorium
4/23/11 Minneapolis, MN Varsity Theater
4/25/11 Omaha, NE The Waiting Room
4/26/11 Kansas City, MO The Beaumont Club
4/27/11 Dallas, TX The Loft
4/28/11 Austin, TX Emo's
4/29/11 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
4/30/11 Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon

the mind spiders s/t lp

"Shortly after the breakup of Marked Men, Mark Ryan began working on a solo project. He started multi-tracking guitar and vocal parts and assembling them into songs over which he would then get either Greg Rutherford of High Tension Wires or Mike Thorneberry, formerly of Marked Men, to lay down drum tracks. Over time, this project came to be called Mind Spiders, and rather than just thinking about it as a series of recordings, Ryan began recruiting folks in Denton to form a band that would perform the songs live.

To this end, Ryan commissioned the talents of Daniel Fried (High Tension Wires, Bad Sports, Video, Wax Museums) on bass, Stephen Svacina (Uptown Bums) on guitar, and, to top it off, both Rutherford and Thorneberry on drums. The result? A band that features Ryan making decisions unilaterally, has two drummers and is pretty damn loud. "I really like the 'wall of sound' kind of idea," Ryan says. "Recording-wise it just sounds cool."

With a five-song EP currently out and a full-length album coming on Dirtnap Records early next year, Mind Spiders will continue to play shows and develop their live sound. As for Fried's reading of the previous shows? "The girls seem to love it," he says. "That's pretty rare for bands that I'm in.""

or more to the point.......garage pop from one of tiny grooves' fav scenes in the country, denton texas........and from guys who's other bands i fucking love.

here go the MIND SPIDERS live....

windy city winter ball

dress up all pretty and get down to some of the best garage soul around from the detroit cobras..... plus two awesome up-and-comer bands from chi-town open, the hollows and rambos.....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

go to the party store right now

so jump the gun and rock the new dirtbombs lp "party store"..... its more fucking fun then you might even imagine.

but remember you need to buy this lp when it comes out on feb 1.......promise?

Friday, January 21, 2011

JFA- valley of the yakes


JFA (short for jody foster's army) was an early to mid 80s skate punk band, thrashy hardcore and somewhat surf of the more forgotten bands of the so-cal punk scene, but one of my favs.......

pretend you were there below..

new garage explosion!!!!!!

vice records is a big fan of garage rock and understandably so. it is a record label as well as a magazine....and somewhat of an internet video channel......

so why is VICE in bed with SCION to promote garage rock is beyond me.......but here's a great new documentary on the garage/punk scene all us kids dig.

jay reatard, dirtbombs and many other make appearances.... i guess corporate sponsorship isn't always the worst.

FREE garage rock @ the EMPTY BOTTLE THU 1/27

just RSVP here and yr good to go.

the HEX DISPENSERS are a fucking good time live, rowdy garage punk, fast and loud.......and KING TUFF's power pop garage will make you hum and/or dance for sure....... highly recommended.......

here's the write-up on the empty bottle's site....."It's hard to believe we've never played host to Austin's domineering pop perfectionists THE HEX DISPENSERS before. Last year they released a new LP via Douchemaster, Winchester Mystery House - it's an effort full of vigorous, infectiously-driven high-speed pop jams that combine earthshaking drums, slashing guitars and irresistible vocal hooks into an undeniable album. Tonight they're joined by KYLE THOMAS (of HAPPY BIRTHDAY)'s alter ego project KING TUFF. Vintage grungy punk with modern pop twists, KING TUFF kicks off tonight's fist full of fuzz explosion."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mondo Drag at Psych Fest 2.....

tomorrow is WELCOME TO THE VOID: CHICAGO PSYCH FEST 2 @ the hideout..... Mondo Drag headlines and I can't wait to see their psyched out romp tomorrow.....

here's what the chicago reader has to say " It's easy to want to root for a thick and nasty psychedelic rock band coming out of somewhere like Davenport, Iowa, just because it seems so improbable. But MONDO DRAG have a lot more to offer than an underdog backstory—they've got a tendency to sound like they're streaming live via satellite from the DayGlo cosmic spacescape of a Dr. Strange black-light poster. Last year's New Rituals (Alive) is a pileup of tricks and techniques pilfered from the halls of psych-rock history: the quintet has Blue Cheer's sonic heft, Hawkwind's disregard for radio-friendly running times, the Stooges' way of exploding a three-chord garage stomp into a howling lysergic freak-out, and Spacemen 3's ability to push guitar tones right up to the edge of pure noise. The fact that it sounds like the whole mess is held together by nothing but hair grease and pot resin is one of the things I like most about it......"

TOMORROW NIGHT'S SHOW, first of two nights of Psych Fest is filled out with Catacombz, the Great Society Mind Destroyers, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Dead Luke, and El Is a Sound of Joy. 8 PM, yes at the Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, 773-227-4433 or 877-435-9849, $10, $15 two-day festival pass.

saturday should be fun as well, but friday is the night you don't want to miss.....

check out a taste of mondo drag.....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

up and comers: BRAIN IDEA

noise pop. krautrock. and good ol' rock n roll with layers of feedback. my kinda band. probably will see these kids a bunch this year.......

here's the write-up from permanent records who released BRAIN IDEA's survival scrolls tape in 2010......."Brain Idea is a relatively new Chicago band with nothing but one short cassettte tape release to their name, until now. Their second tape release is also their debut full-length on Permanent Records....One of Chicago’s most exciting new bands...with their UK DIY and NZ's the Clean influenced pop. Catchy as hell and totally DIY-style rock’n’roll. Highly recommended! ........These guys are also in a CCR cover band called Graveyard Train, so you know they're of good taste. They cover the Clean for chrissakes. Fans of lo-fi DIY pop, krautrock, and CCR-esque maturity will absolutely dig Brian Idea. We fuckin' love 'em."

listen below....

tonight at the beuaty bar. in feb opening up for disappears at the bottle. house shows sometimes. and sunday nights the kids play as their CCR cover band at the whistler....... but do yrself a favor and check BRAIN IDEA out.......

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

white fence is growing faith

no not that white fence....

the psych solo effort from tim of darker my love.

kinda released the sleeper jam of 2010......(white fence "s/t")

maybe his new lp "growing faith" will continue to build the hype.

but who knows. everyone needs a lil pyschedelic indie weirdness, or why not channel yr inner syd barrett?

recommended for those of the elephant six persuasion and those who like their lo-fi jams acid-fried and quite spaced out.........(or those kids who buy everything on woodsist records, which is not a bad label to support.)

disappears - guider

DISAPPEARS are back with another lp of pysched out space garage drone hypnosis........ these chicago kids have melted yr spacemen 3, velvets and wooden shjips albums down and may have made something even better........

guider is going to be one of my fav lps of the year, and is probably even better than LUX last year......

make sure you buy this as soon as you can.......

but if you need to wait until payday, sample it here and/or listen below -

Monday, January 17, 2011

dead ghosts- s/t lp

for fans of jacuzzi boys, black lips, ty segall and anything on trouble in mind records.....make DEAD GHOSTS yr favorite new band.

from the florida's dying records: " This is the first proper LP from Vancouver's Dead Ghosts, following a live tape turned 12" and a string of sold out 7"s, and these kids knock the ball clear out of the park. A 13 song non-stop hit parade of jangly lo-fi garage rock bashers, with some doo wop prom breaks, country & western twangy lead work, and shuffling rhythms to get the kids shinglin and shakin. The perfect soundtrack to a sweaty basement dance party...."

and that assessment is spot on. and if you can find copies of their seven inches of live lp, grab them too.....

big troubles - worry LP

fuzzed out pop hooks buried underneath a layer of jesus and mary chain/my bloody valentine noise.... lo-fi anthems that can easily place BIG TROUBLES next to no age in a year or two overrun by kids who love crafting songs on the verge of falling apart.......

i was skeptical of their WORRY LP until i finally got around to listening to sticks with you, maybe the band wears its influences too overtly, but the melodies make you not care.....

and listen below if yr not sure........

Saturday, January 15, 2011

dirtbombs want you party old school detroit style

from detroitblackout...... "Detroit garage rockers The Dirtbombs know how to pay a little homage. They did so with 2001′s Ultraglide in Black, covering soul numbers from the ’60s and ’70s. The band’s new album Party Store goes a different direction, but the concept sounds promising enough: live renditions of ’80s and ’90s Detroit techno......"

nice, I can't wait, more gritty detroit rock n roll with a 80s dance beat.....maybe not what i expected, but the dirtbombs have always mixed it up a bit/ and the good bands usually do........

check out a track from the new Dirtbombs "party store" lp below.......

Thursday, January 13, 2011

secret history of chicago music.

for those not in chicago or not in the know, one of my fav features in the chicago reader is plastic crimewave's "secret history of chicago music" info strip....

not quite like anything else out fucking creative.....

here's a promo video for steve krakow aka plastic crimwave's show at the museum of contemporary art last year....

also don't forget PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND (the band, full of psych wonderfulness) is playing the 2nd annual psych fest at the hideout next weekend........DON"T MISS IT.....

Monday, January 10, 2011

blow up yr turntable with these upcoming releases.....

tiny grooves is looking forward to buying these LPs as soon as they hit the stores.......


disappears "guider"
smith westerns "dye it blonde"
white fence "is growing faith"
deerhoof "deerhoof vs evil"


dirtbombs "party store"


kurt vile "smoke ring for my halo"
parts and labor "constant future"
moon duo "mazes"
obits "moody standard and poor"
blacks lips TBA vice lp (probably in early april)

and new hozac lps by radar eyes, heavy times and mickey......
plus live lps by ty segall and the jacuzzi boys...

all these are lps are for sure coming out in the couple of months or so.........

this is only the tip of the iceberg for 2011.....

i'll keep you updated with new lps to look for............

Saturday, January 8, 2011

chicago get yr coats, its time to go out.

here's my list of shows for these cold cold months of january and february into the end of winter in march.......

things slowed down around the holidays. but there are endless good shows in the coming month......

i will see you out and about.......

1.12 tyler john tyler @beauty bar FREE
1.13 hozac records showcase w/ burning yellows, squish and sleepovers
@crown liquors
1.13 besnard lakes @lincoln hall
1.14 mickey @panchos
1.15 husker dudes (husker du tribute) and econoline (minutmen tribute)
@phyllis' musical inn
1.15 jaill @reckless records wicker park FREE
1.15 handsome furs, jaill @lincoln hall
1.15 andre williams @mayne stage
1.17 velcro lewis group @whistler FREE
1.17 mayor daley @empty bottle FREE
1.19 brain idea @beauty bar FREE
1.20 CHIRP b-day party with black math
@empty botttle FREE with RSVP
1.21-22 Chicago PyschFest 2 w/ mondo drag. great society mind destroyers, dark fog and more
@the hideout
1.25 white mystery, squish @beauty bar FREE
1.27 hex dispensers, king tuff @empty bottle
1.27 mickey and slushy @hideout
1.28 half rats, michael lux and the bad sons
@bottom lounge
1.30 tyvek, heavy times, terrible twos and running
@empty bottle
2.4 disappears, brain idea, tyler john tyler
@empty bottle
2.5 detroit cobras @double door
2.8-9 wavves, best coast @lincoln hall
2.11 monotonix, jeff the brotherhood, rabble rabble and call me lightning
@empty bottle
2.15 deerhoof @bottom lounge
2.19 paul collins beat @subterranean
2.19 paul collins beat with the half rats
@permanent records FREE
2.24 dum dum girls @empty bottle
2.26 smith westerns @empty bottle
3.2 cheap time @empty bottle
3.4 parting gifts (greg cartwright of the reigning sound/oblivians new band)
@empty bottle
3.6 jacuzzi boys @hideout
3.8 the EX and Ken Vandermark @lincoln hall
3.11 Jonathan Richman @the Metro
3.12 Obits @empty bottle
3.14 Ty Segall and the half rats @empty bottle
3.15 Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour
@lincoln hall
3.17 cave, sic alps @empty bottle
4.2 new colony six (reunion show) @reggies
4.6 the FLESHTONES...........@DOUBLE DOOR