Monday, January 17, 2011

dead ghosts- s/t lp

for fans of jacuzzi boys, black lips, ty segall and anything on trouble in mind records.....make DEAD GHOSTS yr favorite new band.

from the florida's dying records: " This is the first proper LP from Vancouver's Dead Ghosts, following a live tape turned 12" and a string of sold out 7"s, and these kids knock the ball clear out of the park. A 13 song non-stop hit parade of jangly lo-fi garage rock bashers, with some doo wop prom breaks, country & western twangy lead work, and shuffling rhythms to get the kids shinglin and shakin. The perfect soundtrack to a sweaty basement dance party...."

and that assessment is spot on. and if you can find copies of their seven inches of live lp, grab them too.....

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