Monday, July 13, 2015

drunk pixels - dead moon

the legendary DEAD MOON played two nights in chicago this past weekend and both shows couldn't have been more raw, in yer face, mind melting and KILLER!   not sure which set was better, friday at the empty bottle, or saturday at west fest, but both were chock full of hits....."fire in the western world" "i hate the blues" "54/40 or fight!" "13 going on 21" and "dead moon night" to name a few.......

so if you missed out, or if you wanna relive it, watch their set at west fest below (thanks sei jin!!!!)


Thursday, July 9, 2015

terry riley - persian surgery dervishes

today's psychedelic excursion is brought to you by TERRY RILEY and his experimental minimalist masterpiece PERSIAN SURGERY DERVISHES (1972, SHANTI)......

comprised just of organ and tape loops, this droning, repetitive sonic journey will definitely take you to higher states of mind!!!!!!

listen below and if you ever see this album in person, GRAB IT!  it's worth every penny!