Saturday, October 30, 2010

royal baths

another great release on woodsist records by ROYAL BATHS. lo-fi pysch jams that the kids all love. click the link above to grab their newly released lp "litanies"......also check out their hozac single if you can find a copy.

check out what had to say......."Though the San Francisco garage rock four piece may be part of the continuing lo-fi trend, their swampy production doesn’t disguise their catchy pop songs. There’s a very Velvet Underground-via-Jesus and Mary Chain feel to it, without the spazz in the guitars but with all of the eeriness that makes you feel a bit wrong for enjoying it so much."

purling hiss - s/t lp

check out philly's pysch noise up-and-comers PURLING HISS...... with lps out on chicago's own permanent records and woodsist, you know these kids are worth the time on yr record the link for their debut lp above. and if yr out and about, check them today in chicago at permanent and tomorrow with kurt vile at the empty bottle......if yr not here in chicago, they will be in yr town soon......

Sunday, October 24, 2010

half rats - for the sake of love 7''

bantam rooster - the cross and the switchblade

forgotten michigan garage punk........

bantam rooster played high octane rock n roll with the best of them (white stripes and dirtbombs included)... fast catchy and mean....

you need to steal this lp, cause i don't think you'll run across it in the used bins at yr local record store....... more good jams from crypt records.

demons claws

demons claws play drone psyched out garage rock in the vein of king khan, bbq and black lips...... which is to say, highly recommended......

Monday, October 18, 2010

wild billy childish

if you don't know about billy childish, you should. every one of his countless garage / punk bands is worth a listen.

check out this awesome / hard to find documentary about billy childish below..... and click on the link above for a great interview with him via VICE magazine.