Monday, November 29, 2010

garage punk classics - the chrome cranks

fans of stripped down feral garage rock a la gories, cramps, action swingers, honeymoon killers.....should check out the chrome cranks. mesmerizingly rhythmic and noisy...... it took me awhile to get turned on to these guys, so don't wait as long as me.......

if you don't trust me, here's's assessment...... Dead Cool is simply that, or close; an approximation of studied, stone-faced cool. The title track opens with a repeated, simple bassline, occasional bursts of jangly guitar, and Peter Aaron's one-third- Mick Jagger, one-third IggyPop, and the other third Jeffrey Lee Pierce yelped admonitions about drugs of various types. In its less than 30 minutes, this disc, the band's second, jumps back and forth through lo-fi exercises in stripped-down garage cave-stomps, dirty guitar scraping and sliding, and too damn hip New York attitude. As occasionally studied and stilted though this album -- and this band -- could be, Dead Cool and the Chrome Cranks ooze with enough abandon and creativity to rise above the sunglasses-on-the-subway vibe given off by this and other releases. As a frontman, Aaron evinces enough authenticity to rise above the heap of Stooges and Stones imitators out there, and Dead Cool offers testimony to that fact.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rocktober almost killed me, but i will see you out and about

here's a list of shows to catch this next month or so if yr in chicago.

thu nov 11- radar eyes, reading rainbow @ empty bottle

sat nov 13- soviettes @ reggies rock club

sat nov 13- turbo fruits @ bloodline

wed nov 17- maserati @ empty bottle

thu nov 18th- white mystery, heavy times @ rockit bar wrigleyville

sat, nov 20- cococoma @ beat kitchen

sun nov 21- no age @ lincoln hall

mon nov 22- fuck knights, outer minds @ empty bottle

tues, nov 23- circle pit @ permanent records and later at Rueben's place

sat dec 4th- mannequin men, tv ghost @ schubas

sat dec 4th- stnnng @ quenchers

wed dec 8th- cheap time @ empty bottle

always check acid marshmallow or victim of time for show listing, especially those hard-tofind house shows......

Monday, November 8, 2010

tyvek - nothing fits

click here for tyvek's new lp nothing fits. their art damaged noise punk take on garage rock could only be done by kids living in the skeleton of detroit...... i love this lp..... destined for the best of 2010.....

check out what spacerockmountain had to say (btw a blog you should check out.....)

"Nothing Fits" is Tyvek’s second full length album debuting on In The Red. I’ve been waiting for this album since the summer time and to say the least I was pleasantly surprised at the raw intense sound. Tyvek has been touring these songs for the past year or so and I’ve heard them over and over again from either the massive amounts of live cds, rehearsal/demo tapes or live shows. When I first listen to these songs I knew the material was there but what wasn’t there was the studio recordings. Besides one or two live cds most of the releases that feature songs from “Nothing Fits” are intensely lofi and aren’t that pleasant to the ears. This is the studio adaptation of the various lofi live recordings/demos and its fucking fantastic! This scuzzy fuzzy detroit garage punk is so good it’ll make you shit your pants and bleed from your ears. They really worked on the quality of sound with this one and it makes up for all those recordings that weren’t on par. This is an album you want to turn up loud......"

circle pit - bruise constellation lp

i guess circle pit like the royal trux as much as i do......which relieves me of having to form a band that sounds this awesome and indebted to neil and jennifer........

here's what their label siltbreeze had to say....

We all know how well Royal Trux rocked 'n' cocked it through the '90s, and now in the second decade of the 21st century, Circle Pit have sauntered into the boozy sway with their debut LP Bruise Constellation.

Seemingly born out of the tar and tobacco of Nellcote / Exile on Main Street-session blooze, Circle Pit ably finesse a torn and frayed sound that's as retro as it is original. Oozing raw talent and possessed with uncanny sensual / sexual osmosis, Bruise Constellation will have you believing it's the Summer of '72 all over again (again).

and if yr in chicago, they are playing for free at permanent records on tuesday nov. 23rd....