Saturday, February 20, 2010

top spins of 2010

here's a list of 2010-released lps that in heavy rotation.

all highly recommended, but the more addicting lps are listed first.........

strange boys- be brave
moon duo - escape
spoon - transference
harlem - hippies
nothing people - soft crash
liars - sisterworld
eddy current suppression ring - rush to relax
clipd beaks - to realize
morning benders - big echo
high places- high places vs the mankind
future islands- in evening air
art museums - rough frame
beach house - teen dream

Sunday, February 14, 2010

austin we all love you.

so matador is throwing some love at austin, tx by releasing CASUAL VICTIM PILE, a comp of up and coming indie bands.... an collection well worth listening to...

... and has tracks by some of my favorite bands of the moment: Woven Bones, Harlem and Bad Sports.

check out all of these bands lps.....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

harlem "free drugs" and "hippies" LPs

harlem is fast becoming my new fav bands.... catchy garage pop of the most hip shaking kind.....

and their new LP "hippies" out on matador in april is in heavy rotation at my place....(though i won't share it with you since matador always takes down my links.....)

both their albums are need to own them both.......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

hot rats, yes that's what i said

perhaps 2/3s of supergrass masquerading under a pseudonym releasing a fast burning covers LP might not be what you expect me to like. well me neither, especially since i'm not much a fan of their day jobs as brit pop propagators.......

but the hot rats are like a really good cover band at a wedding when yr drunk and wanna dance--which is to say, just what you want....... so it being saturday night (and i'm on my way to a show), the turn ons LP is just what i need as pre-show music......

listen via myspace here....... maybe you'll give in too.