Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ben cook

some musicians just can't help but release as much as possible......and god love them......

ben cook is one ambitious man. not only a member of web darlings fucked up, he is three other amazing projects you need to check out now: young governor (fuzzy lo-fi punk), marvelous darlings (lo-fi power pop) and the bitters (angular indie)......

below are samples via youtube......

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ty segall - melted.

thanks to le ladies for the upload.....

click here to grab the new ty segall lp 'melted'.......

this lp will leave yr socks knocked off.....

(and once you realize how awesome it is, please buy the album from goner records......)

Friday, May 14, 2010

drinking beer in the afternoon....

....and listening to a few of my fav bands from the last two years.

fucking love all the kids playing lo-fi garage punk nowawdays.........

g.g. king.....(side project of the carbonas)

traditional fools....(one of ty segall's various bands)

birthday suits....(twin cities rock n roll)

thee oh sees....(no need to explain the greatness of john dwyer)

the spaceshits....(....mark sultan aka bbq in the best garage rock band ever........)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


you might be hearing about these guys everywhere soon. chicago's mickey filter garage and glam through the ears of gutter punks and it makes you want to thrash about the dance floor.........

they have one single out on hozac so far, with an lp promised for this summer. so watch out.....

here's a crappy youtube video of them, but it just doesn't do mickey justice.......

Saturday, May 8, 2010

birds of maya @ PREX!!!

free in-store at permanent records by philly's BIRDS OF MAYA.......a whole garage full of noise/psych fun........

that's where i'll be this afternoon (5ish) before venturing on to the empty bottle to see tutu & the pirates, DA and mickey...........

current playlist

lps in heavy rotation around the offices of tiny grooves:

you weren't there: a history of chicago punk
le face- s/t
thee oh sees- warm slime (thanks to le noise)
white fence- s/t
woven bones- new lp out on hozac
male bonding- nothing hurts
catheters - first s/t lp on empty
traditional fools- s/t
kurt vile- basically any of his releases

and seven inches still hanging by the turntable:

young governor
ty segall
fucked up
happy birthday
black time
elvis costello
white wires

thanks to christian marclay, whose art may be borrowed for more than just this post....