Sunday, June 27, 2010

drunk pixels: les woven bones

the hozac recs showcase was awesome. radar eyes and woven bones are great live. red mass was crazy. and you know i love mickey......

so here are so photos of the woven bones......

Thursday, June 24, 2010

woven bones

hozac records showcase at the empty bottle this saturday, the 26th..........hope to get drunk with of of you there.......

the show is headlined by woven bones, fast becoming one of my favs. in addition to red mass, radar eyes and mickey.........(maybe they'll throw their drum set around again....)

anyway check out woven bones below, if you haven't heard them yet.......

Saturday, June 19, 2010

captain beefheart: the BBC documentary

spending my saturday evening watching great BBC documentaries on youtube.

thanks to the RIAA for not taking down the video........

i could listen to captain beefheart all day long.......

krautrock: the rebirth of germany.....

part one of this BBC documentary that someone posted on youtube......

(just search the title and all 6 parts come up.....)

the best 20 lps of the last six months......

best of xx10 so's going to be hard to make this list at the end of the year, i just know.

1 ty segall
2 harlem
3 the oh sees
4 white fence
5 strange boys
6 wolf parade
7 disappears
8 mi ami
9 happy birthday
10 male bonding
11 liars
12 nothing people
13 woven bones
14 heavy times
15 gunslingers
16 spoon
17 mark sultan
18 birthday suits
19 double dagger
20 is a tie between moon duo and golden triangle

rock n roll in the streets

summer music in chicago...for free (or donation).....

taste of randolph street june 19th
with superchunk and others less interesting to me....

taste of chicago jun 26th (illinois lottery stage)
with white mystery, the yolks, mannequin men and johnny & the limeliters

green music fest june 27th
with david bazan (aka pedro the lion), maps & atlases and others

west fest july 10th and 11th
with fucked up and others not all announced yet

wicker park fest july 31st, august 1st
with holy fuck, happy birthday, mission of burma, pinebender, capt n jazz, la riots, plants & animals, hood internet, torche, baroness and more.......

that's not even the end of the list. check out oh my rockness for a full list. every monday there are lunch time and evening shows for free at millennium well as the empty bottle's free monday night shows.......

see you there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

drunk pixels: les fleshtones

yep i tried to use my phone as a camera......all i can say is you should of been there.....the fleshtones are one of the best live shows i've seen......

Saturday, June 12, 2010

fleshtones tonight in chicago.....

yep, the fleshtones...

a band highly under-rated and ignored.....even though they play awesome catchy garage rock.......i guess when everyone was obsessed with new wave, playing garage wasn't the best way to hit the charts....but they've been around since the late 70s and haven't missed a step........

check out their lps hexbreaker, roman gods and live in paris.....not to difficult to find and most of the time under $10......

Monday, June 7, 2010

michael yonkers with the blind shake

legendary psych guitarist MICHAEL YONKERS.....backed by my friends the BLIND SHAKE......good times.........

Sunday, June 6, 2010

child abuse

always liked these noise's an awesome video from a few years back.

heavy times - dead

heavy times "dead"

Heavy Times is the recently formed band featuring the drummer from Cacaw, Kyle Reynolds. Those looking for Cacaw's brand of dirge-y noise rock won't find many similiarities here though. Mr. Reynolds keeps it real simple in Heavy Times, a four on the floor, lo-fi punk rock band with more hooks than a bait shop, courtesy of dual guitarists Bo Hanson and Matt Courtade. There's technically no bassist in Heavy Times, but the bass is barely missed. The first thing that came to mind when I was trying to think of how to describe this record was "Stoned Ramones", but there's so much more to Heavy Times than that.

Their debut LP on Rotted Tooth Recordings, entitled "Dead", is everything but, unless you use the word "dead" inversely like when people call good things "bad". It's an eclectic, quite lively, affair with some upbeat punk numbers, a mostly instrumental doom-er, and literally everything in between. Side A starts off all power pop influenced and bippin' and a boppin', but before the end of it, one can see why they call themselves Heavy Times. The B-side comes rippin' in like a 'roided-out rodent and then, the best cut on the album, "Drug Lake" hits you square in the huevos and it hits hard. Very few bands have managed to pull off the heavy pop thing over the years, but Heavy Times totally nails it. Pure nirvana. Not Nirvana with a BIG N, but they're not necessarily a bad point of reference here. Heavy Times ain't no bullshit grunge throwback band though. They sound like a more psychedelic Spits or Wavves on a bad trip. Heavy Times, indeed.
"Dead" was pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies with beautifully hand screened fold over sleeve art, a la MLU, Mayor Daley, and Cacaw. The same folks were behind this one y'all, which means you're not just buying a record, you're buying a (master)piece of art.

(thanks permanent records from the bio, love you kids.....and that's where i'll be purchasing this lp)

( MEDIAFIRE for a download of the DEAD LP...)

wheels on fire

more of that lovely garage pop we all love from ohio's wheels on fire. they have a new must have 7 inch out on trouble in mind......catch these guys on tour, they might just be the next big thing.........

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

just got back...

tiny grooves was on hiatus......but now that i'm back from tour, it's on. please check out birthday suits and blind shake in a city near won't be disappointed.....