Friday, January 2, 2015

nots - we are nots

GONER RECORDS just released one of the best RnR debuts in recent memory, from memphis synth damaged punkers, THE NOTS!!!!!!!!!

WE ARE NOTS is 11 tracks of catchy, pummeling new wave / post punk spiked punk rock that'll make yer ears happy and keep you right next to yer turntable all afternoon......

taking cues from the lost sounds, ausmuteants, clone defects, the screamers and other like minded future obsessed / dystopian punk bands, THE NOTS might just be yer fave new band!!!!!!!   if this LP had come out a little earlier in the year, WE ARE NOTS would've been for sure a lot higher in my year end list.......

check out THE NOTS now,
just don't call 'em a girl group,
cuz this is some fierce recommended rock n roll!!!!!!!

listen to WE ARE NOTS below!!!!!
  and grab the LP from GONER now!!!