Monday, September 30, 2013

gino and the goons - troubled 7in

GINO AND THE GOONS are fast becoming one of my favorite garage punk bands around.....and thanks to TOTAL PUNK we gotta a new single to add to our collection..... TROUBLED b/w I'M A BIG BOY NOW!!!!!!!!

two loud unkempt greasy tracks of the best kind of budget rockin' garage punk you can get yer dirty hands on......   stripped down to the snarling basics of RnR, and then amplified way up, this new GINO AND THE GOONS 7 inch is PERFECT for yer next night of bad decisions and half remembered debauchery!!!!!!!  just remember the band is not responsible for anything that happens after the needle hits the 7 inch!!!!!!!

here's crossing my fingers for a full length in the very near future......

just don't sleep on this one, cuz it's super limited and their PLAY LOUD EP sold out quicker than the time it'll take to read this post.......

  and grab the single from TOTAL PUNK now !!!!!!!

and watch GINO AND THE GOONS live below -

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

true sons of thunder - stop and smell your face

LITTLE BIG CHIEF RECORDS has unleashed the second album from the super deranged memphis supergroup TRUE SONS OF THUNDER, entitled STOP AND SMELL YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!

nobody plays RnR like this anymore, a full force maelstrom of GUITAR STRANGLING and CAVESTOMP PUMMELING, ALL SLURRED TOGETHER LIKE YER FAVORITE DRUNK MEMORIES....... this ought to be the template for GARAGE PUNK, not what most purveyors of the genre play these days......  FULL ON RAW, RAGING ROCK N ROLL that'll leave you with bruises and hangovers for days......

it doesn't even matter that TRUE SONS OF THUNDER can count former OBLIVIANS, MANATEEES, SHARP BALLOONS, BAD TIMES and LEGS troublemakers as their members, cuz THIS RECORD NEEDS NO CONTEXT!!!!!   STOP AND SMELL YOUR FACE is the kinda record IGGY AND THE STOOGES were too afraid to make, THE CRAMPS were too grounded to try and record and too WILD for even CRYPT RECORDS to press up back in the day.......

STOP AND SMELL YOUR FACE might be difficult to track down, but this is one HELLUVA RnR RIDE you need to take.......
put it on yer motherfucking bucket list.....
cuz you need to hear how feral and absolutely crazy rock n roll can get before you die.....


watch TRUE SONS OF THUNDER live below -

Monday, September 23, 2013

cheap time - goodbye age 7in

CHEAP TIME returns with a brand new single on TOTAL PUNK!!!!!!!!   FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!

nobody plays glitter crusted power popped garage punk better than CHEAP TIME, so anytime there's a new release from this killer tennessee band, it's TIME TO LISTEN UP.......

their new 7 inch GOODBYE AGE finds CHEAP TIME dialed in, even more catchy and ready to take on yer band in a battle to the death!!!!!   last year's lp for IN THE RED "WALLPAPER MUSIC" was an insta-classic, and i might just say this TOTAL PUNK SINGLE IS TOO.......

this 7 inch rolls the best of JAY REATARD, THE SAINTS, THE NEW YORK DOLLS, RADIO BORDMAN, MODERN LOVERS and australia's X into one powder keg of a RnR single that'll for sure cause a FRENZY anytime it hits a turntable........

yes pretty much guaranteed to play GOODBYE AGE to death..........

so stop reading, and listen to the A-SIDE below -
    and grab yer copy from TOTAL PUNK now!!!!!!!!!!!!

watch an interview with CHEAP TIME below -

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

cosmonauts - persona non grata

BURGER RECORDS and SPOT ON SOUND are way STOKED for their newest release, the third album by orange county's garage psych wunderkinds, COSMONAUTS!!!!!!  the new lp, PERSONA NON GRATA, finds the band hitting their stride, taking on the greats and composing some of the best hazy reverb heavy jams around.....

on PERSONA NON GRATA, COSMONAUTS are taking their love of JAMC, SPACEMEN 3, MERCURY REV, SIMPLY SAUCER, MICHAEL YONKERS, the VELVETS and BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE to whole new druggy, spaced out radiant levels.......putting them in the top notch ranks of fellow COSMIC PSYCH travelers THE OH SEES, BLACK ANGELS, NIGHT BEATS, HOOKWORMS, UFO CLUB and the WARLOCKS.......  needless to say if yer looking for some droned out, fuzzed up RnR to blast way into 2014, you need not look further than PERSONA NON GRATA....!!!!!   

there's a whole lotta psych bands out there these days,
but the COSMONAUTS are one band you definitely don't want to miss out on........
     super recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!

   and grab a copy here from BURGER !!!!

ps see the tour poster at the top of the post and don't miss yer chance to see 'em live!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

resonars - the greatest songs of...

TROUBLE IN MIND is doing us all a great service by releasing a best of THE RESONARS, whose back catalog is almost all out of print and way difficult to track down.......and understandably so, cuz nobody writes such catchy psych tinged, power popped garage rock tunes like THE RESONARS do....... finally everyone can check out this killer tuscon, arizona band, as they should've long ago!!!!!!!!   

matt rendon has been soldiering on with a rotating cast of backing members, composing smash hit after smash hit, in relative obscurity as the RESONARS for over 15 years... (starting with a s/t debut album for STAR TIME in '98)... mixing a potent elixir of jangle pop, syrupy power chord melodies, psychedelic 60s rock and hazy AM pop, the RESONARS play some seriously earworming RnR that'll stick with you all day long.......  fans of BIG STAR, THE HOLLIES, THE DENTISTS, THE SHOES, THE CLEAN, THE BEACH BOYS and THE BYRDS (IE GREAT FUCKING POP MUSIC) need to hear the RESONARS now......

all the resonars albums are highly recommended, but if yer gonna start somewhere grab THE GREATEST SONGS OF THE RESONARS, and get ready to flip it over and over again.......

(for further listening, i'd suggest LUNAR KIT on GET HIP, or THAT EVIL DRONE on BURGER, but really any RESONARS you can get yer hands on will do!!!!!!)

seriously i can't get enough of these songs, 
ALL KILLER NO FILLER and that is no joke!!!!!

i might just have to put a best of comp on my year end list of top albums!!!!!!!!!!

  and grab one direct from the source here !!!!!!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

dirtbombs - oeey gooey chewy ka-bloey!

YES!!!!!!  IN THE RED is dropping a brand new album by the DIRTBOMBS this week....the long awaited "bubblegum" lp entitled OOEY GOOEY CHEWY KA-BLOEY!!!!!!!!!!

holy shit, i've been waiting for this one forever!!!!!!   OOEY GOOEY follows 2011's techno meets garage punk concept album PARTY STORE, and this time mick collins and co. take dead aim at the bubblegum am pop of the 60s, with their unique double rhythm section motor city is burning garage rock lens of course.....  and the result is some of the best DIRTBOMBS songs to date, and their best album since the uber classic ULTRA GLIDE IN BLACK (from 2001).... these super sweet. sunshine soaked songs on OOEY GOOEY are destined to be garage rock standards down the road, and this album is for sure gonna be in my top ten of xx13 list........  OOEY GOOEY just proves once again that the DIRTBOMBS are the best garage rock band around!!!!!!!!!

even if you don't go for the "concept" of the album, or are even much of a fan of "bubblegum" you will still find yerself stuck in the grooves of OOEY GOOEY CHEWY KA-BLOEY!!!!!  i wasn't too sure about PARTY STORE at first and i don't call myself much of a fan of the archies and the lemon pipers, but you don't have to be a buddah / kama sutra records am pop junkie to think this new one is a highly addicting spin (but if you are, you're gonna be in heaven).......seriously one listen and you'll be hooked......

   and then surf over to IN THE RED to grab yer own damn copy!!!!!!!

as a bonus,
watch the DIRTBOMBS live at amoeba records below -

Friday, September 13, 2013

red hex - shoulda known 7 inch

tacoma, washington's blown out RnRollers, RED HEX, are ready to destroy yer stereo with a brand new 7 inch, SHOULDA KNOWN, out on NEGATIVE FUN RECORDS !!!!!!!!

this is their second single and if these two new songs are any indication of where the band's headed, you need to keep an eye on RED HEX..... cuz they might steal all yer beer, run away with yer girlfriend, and put out one helluva feedback laced garage punk album in the near future........

both of these songs are LOUD, SNARLING, RIPPING ROCK N ROLL BANGERS..... sure to cause a riot of bad decisions anytime this 7 inch hits yer turntable...... SHOULDA KNOWN and DOWN IN THE DIRT smash together '77 punk, a whole lotta love for their hometown heroes THE SONICS, some drunken CRYPT style RnR, a healthy wallop of that signature NW grungy angst, and a little bit of that west coast BUDGET no frills, high speed chaos that you know and love from RIP OFF RECORDS........

so yeah this is some INFECTIOUS FUN ROCK N ROLL you need to have now!!!!!!

turn off yer stupid itunes and
    and grab one from NEGATIVE FUN RECORDS here !!!!!!!

watch 'em burn it up live -

Thursday, September 12, 2013

steve adamyk band - monterrey 7 inch

punk rock was meant to be played one 7 inch at a time..... the smaller format seems appropriate for a RnR genre built on being loud, fast, short and to the point.....  so although i've loved all the STEVE ADAMYK BAND lps so far, their new 7 inch, MONTERREY, on HOSEHEAD RECORDS is a PERFECT shot of high energy, power popped, boisterous PUNK ROCK.....just the right length to keep you flipping this 7 inch over and over again.....

all four songs are fiery, infectious and sure to melt yer brain......all under three minutes, manic and succinct to the point of exploding......they've burned all the baggage that comes with the term pop punk and reclaimed the "genre" for the kids.... (yeah someone needed to....) and you know, catchy punk rock doesn't get any better this......  get ready to mosh around, get drunk and cause some trouble !!!!!!!

fans of MARKED MEN, SCARED OF CHAKA, NEW BOMB TURKS, RIVERBOAT GAMBLERS, MEAN JEANS, DILLINGER FOUR, DESCENDENTS and pretty much all fun, rowdy, no-fi melodic punk will need this new EP from STEVE ADAMYK of canada's finest punk exports......

if you haven't checked out STEVE ADAMYK BAND yet,
this MONTERREY 7 inch is the place to start.....

so do yerself a favor and listen to the 7 inch below...
   and then go pick up a copy from HOSEHEAD RECORDS !!!!!!

watch steve adamyk band live below....

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

sewers - hoisted

HOMELESS RECORDS is making a name for themselves by releasing some of the
most feral ugly mean swamp punk in australia, or really anywhere for that matter..... following killer down n dirty releases by BITS OF SHIT, THE STABS and THE CUNTZ (all of which you need to track down), HOMELESS is back with their best release yet, the debut album from SEWERS, entitled HOISTED !!!!!!

serious junkies for swampy, abrasive, trashy rock n roll need to TUNE IN now.......SEWERS distill their angry aussie heritage of fEEDTIME, SCIENTISTS, COSMIC PSYCHOS, KING SNAKE ROOST and VENOM P STINGER into one fireball of misanthropic scuzzy post punk on HOISTED..... few bands conjure such dark foaming at the mouth, beat you senseless in a dark alley, ominous RnR like they do....... forget JESUS LIZARD. CLOCKCLEANER or HOMOSTUPIDS, SEWERS surely blow those other bands away........

HOISTED is a death rock bent, post hardcore explosion of unruly evil punk that'll either scare the shit outta you or be yer new favorite album...... there's no middle ground on SEWERS.... and if you like any of the aforementioned bands, you'll be grabbing for yer wallets in a sec.....

seriously this is one of australia's most deadly exports in a while, so don't miss out!!!!!!! a refreshing, angsty, noisy and highly recommended spin....

    and grab a copy from HOMELESS here -

this is SEWERS live -

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

disappears - era

KRANKY RECORDS just released the fourth annual report from chicago's DISAPPEARS, entitled ERA... a post punked, kraut soaked dark psych roller coaster ride that you need to take NOW!!!!!!!!

the departure of their drummer, steve shelley of sonic youth, might've been forboding if noah leger hadn't stepped in and ratcheted things up....after he's been in more RnR bands in chicago than you can even count on your fingers......  and now DISAPPEARS are definitely hitting their ominous forceful minimal chord stride..... no one else out the strips garage rock formula down to the barest of bones, amps up the feedback, tosses in plenty of motorik vibes, layers the hazy reverb and blasts off a whole new kinda of psych rock like they do on ERA.....  lux, guider and pre language were all killer, but ERA is a STEP BEYOND..... a wormhole to the outer ends of the COSMOS.....after all that's what all those german bands meant by kosmische musik.......

ERA is insidious, eery, lysergic, hard hitting and certainly groundbreaking....nobody but DISAPPEARS could craft such an sparse, noisy psyche rock album out the shards of kraut, post punk and garage rock......  seriously if people outside of chicago don't start tuning into DISAPPEARS now, there's no hope for the world........

this is one highly recommended album YOU NEED TO OWN....!!!!!!

   and grab a copy from KRANKY here....

Monday, September 9, 2013

terry malts - nobody realizes this is nowhere

TERRY MALTS strikes again!!!!!!!! SLUMBERLAND is set to release their sophomore lp NOBODY REALIZES THIS IS NOWHERE this week (9/10) and holy shit you need this heavy hitting platter of FUZZED OUT CHAINSAW PUNK NOW!!!!!!!!

NOBODY REALIZES THIS IS NOWHERE (besides having a great neil young loving title) is chock full of bruising lo-fi, post punk infected, punk rock bangers, sure to get you pogoing around yer apartment in a hot sec......  fans of the heavy times, wax idols, crystal stilts and/or static eyes will need the new TERRY MALTS lp NOW...YES anyone who likes their RnR noise coated, melodic and dark will totally fall into the grooves of NOBODY REALIZES THIS IS NOWHERE and never crawl out again.....  

TERRY MALTS may have just perfected their noise popped, chainsaw RnR sound on the new album.....sure KILLING TIME was great, but NOBODY REALIZES is succinct, bristling and killer..... smashing moves they've stolen from RAMONES, JAMC, BUILT TO SPILL, JOY DIVISION and the WIPERS into one unholy shot in the arm sure to make a junkie outta you......

i know i'll be coming back for more and more.....

so LISTEN below to 
    and grab yer copy this tuesday, when it lands in yer local record shop!!!!

get a taste of TERRY MALTS live below - 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

the tearjerkers - bad moon rising

BIG LEGAL MESS did us all a favor by reissuing some of JACK OBLIVIANS' various post OBLIVIANS, post COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS, side projects and solo lps.....most notably the killer southern friend bluesy garage punk lp by THE TEARJERKERS entitled BAD MOON RISING....... originally released on SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY in 2001, this lp might just be JACK OBLIVIANS best, most RnR effort outside those now legendary bands he's more famous for.....

i highly suggest picking up any of Jack O's albums....but you should start with BAD MOON favorite of all his albums..... totally scuzzy, bluesy and soul scorching all at the same time.....

just listen to a few tracks below...... and then surf over to BIG LEGAL MESS to grab a copy for yerself!!!!   a super classic album, that you can play over and over and over again!!!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

king khan & the shrines - idle no more

KING KHAN & THE SHRINES are back with another heavy dose of garage rockin' psychedelic soul in the form of a new album, IDLE NO MORE, out NOW on MERGE RECORDS !!!!!!!!

it's been awhile since we've heard any new material from KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES..... their last full length was 2007's smash hit, WHAT IS?.... (the following year, VICE put out the best of comp, THE SUPREME GENIUS OF KING KHAN AND THE SHRINES, though, but that didn't include any new songs)... so it's good to hear KING KHAN back with his old SUN RA, BACK FROM THE GRAVE COMPS and STAX RECORDS loving cohorts throwing down some new syrupy sweet, fuzzed out, soul soaked cavestompin' dancefloor-slaying tunes to kick start our next late night parties.....!!!!!

nobody, i mean, nobody is smashing those old soul, garage and psych records in one HUGE party record like KING KHAN is and on IDLE NO MORE you get TWELVE ass shakin' lysergic R&B stompers that'll get even the squarest of squares up and on his or her feet........  

let's just say SYL JOHNSON, ANDRE WILLIAMS and SLY STONE would be proud......

you can't deny a good time,
and that is exactly what KING KHAN & THE SHRINES bring to the table with their new lp !!!!!

grab some friends
and lots of booze,
crank the stereo
and get ready to go all night long!!!!
fun times are ahead!!!!!!!!

listen to some tracks off IDLE NO MORE below....
   and grab a copy from MERGE here !!!!!

and catch KING KHAN & THE SHRINES in person
(one of the wildest RnR shows you'll ever see)  !!!!

Oct 11 San Diego, CA Casbah
Oct 12 Los Angeles, CA Culture Collide Festival
Oct 13 San Francisco, CA Slims
Oct 14 Portland, OR Dantes
Oct 15 Vancouver, BC The Rickshaw Theatre
Oct 16 Seattle, WA Neumos
Oct 17 Boise, ID Neurolux
Oct 18 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
Oct 19 Denver, CO Larimer Lounge
Oct 20 Kansas City, KS The Record Bar
Oct 21 St. Paul, MN Turf Club
Oct 22 Madison, WI High Noon Saloon
Oct 23 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge
Oct 24 Cleveland Heights, OH Grog Shop
Oct 25 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
Oct 26 Toronto, ON Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
Oct 27 Montreal, QC La Tulipe
Oct 29 Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall
Oct 30 New York, NY Webster Hall
Oct 31 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
Nov 1 Washington, DC Black Cat
Nov 2 Durham, NC Motorco Music Hall
Nov 4 Atlanta, GA Terminal West
Nov 5 Birmingham, AL Bottletree
Nov 6 New Orleans, LA Siberia
Nov 12 El Paso, TX Tricky Falls
Nov 13 Phoenix, AZ The Crescent Ballroom

Thursday, September 5, 2013

bad sports - bras

BAD SPORTS just unleashed their third LP on DIRTNAP RECORDS, entitled BRAS, and this new album might just be their best yet!!!!!!!

after moonlighting in their side project bands, OBN IIIs and VIDEO (both recommended and raved about here), this infectious texas garage punk trio reconvened to up the mother fucking ante, distilling their brand of catchy yet snotty, 70s bent garage punk into one scorching twelve pack of anthems, sure to sit on yer turntable way into the night.......  fans of like-minded bands, MARKED MEN, BEAT BEAT BEAT, CARBONAS, SHOCKED MINDS, BUSY SIGNALS, MEAN JEANS and WHITE WIRES will for sure NEED this high octane cocktail of GLAM, EARLY PUNK, POWER POP and SLOPPY GARAGE ROCK, a mixture only the BAD SPORTS can swirl together with such addicting effect!!!!!!

maybe you missed their s/t lp, or their second album, KINGS OF THE WEEKEND,
but you certainly don't wanna miss out on BRAS......

another highly recommended smash hit from one of my fave texas bands........

   and pick it up in a store near you.......

watch some BAD SPORTS live -

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

garage punk classics - the beguiled

oft forgotten, THE BEGUILED were one of the best CRYPT RECORDS bands, if not one of the best rock n roll bands of ALL TIME......and their second album, BLUE DIRGE, is a fucking garage punk classic........let no one dispute that....  if tragedy hadn't struck and the band's guitar strangler, MIKE BALL, hadn't been killed by a drunk driver, maybe more people would KNOW and LOVE THE BEGUILED like they SHOULD......

nobody played swampy, evil, surf bent garage punk like they did on BLUE DIRGE.....absolutely essential from the time the needle drops and on through the tone arm leaving side B...... RAW, SINISTER, GUTBUCKET, BLOWN OUT ROCK N ROLL might never again be played so wild and fierce as on this lp....!!!!!!

fans of tiny grooves NEED to get yer dirty hands on this album now..... cuz THE BEGUILED were one of the greats of the late 80s/early 90s blues lovin' garage punk scene..... and maybe years down the road everyone will finally realize what a touchstone this album truly was.

listen to BLUE DIRGE below - 

surf over to MR ELIMINATOR for some tasty samples of this classic lp !!!!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

coachwhips - hands on the controls (reissue)

before THEE OH SEES, john dwyer was knocking peoples socks off with COACHWHIPS ... a band of noisy cavestompin' in-yer-face garage punks that nearly burned down many a loft spaces with their frantic, ear splitting rock n roll chaos.......  think the GORIES being covered by LIGHTNING BOLT, or CRYPT and LOAD RECORDS having a ADD addled bastard child....... YES THAT CRAZY LOUD AND KILLER!!!!  COACHWHIPS WERE UNHINGED DESTRUCTIVE BLUES-CAKED, MISANTHROPIC, WILD FEEDBACK PUNK AT ITS BEST!!!!!!

their first album, HANDS ON THE CONTROLS, came out in 2002 and never got pressed to wax, so after all these years, CASTLE FACE decided to rectify that situation by reissuing the album with some never before heard bonus material......  and thank god they did, cuz HANDS ON THE CONTROLS gets filed in the MOTHER FUCKING CLASSICS section of my record collection......right near the OBLIVIANS, FIREWORKS and THE CRAMPS....... too bad they broke up after only four lps (plus  an oddities collection), but then again we wouldn't have thee oh sees now?

do yerself a favor and introduce yerself to the COACHWHIPS !!!!!
seriously i've been waiting for this one on wax since the day it came out!!!!!!

  and grab yer copy from castle face records now!!!!!!

   yep they were awesome to experience live and in person....