Tuesday, September 17, 2013

resonars - the greatest songs of...

TROUBLE IN MIND is doing us all a great service by releasing a best of THE RESONARS, whose back catalog is almost all out of print and way difficult to track down.......and understandably so, cuz nobody writes such catchy psych tinged, power popped garage rock tunes like THE RESONARS do....... finally everyone can check out this killer tuscon, arizona band, as they should've long ago!!!!!!!!   

matt rendon has been soldiering on with a rotating cast of backing members, composing smash hit after smash hit, in relative obscurity as the RESONARS for over 15 years... (starting with a s/t debut album for STAR TIME in '98)... mixing a potent elixir of jangle pop, syrupy power chord melodies, psychedelic 60s rock and hazy AM pop, the RESONARS play some seriously earworming RnR that'll stick with you all day long.......  fans of BIG STAR, THE HOLLIES, THE DENTISTS, THE SHOES, THE CLEAN, THE BEACH BOYS and THE BYRDS (IE GREAT FUCKING POP MUSIC) need to hear the RESONARS now......

all the resonars albums are highly recommended, but if yer gonna start somewhere grab THE GREATEST SONGS OF THE RESONARS, and get ready to flip it over and over again.......

(for further listening, i'd suggest LUNAR KIT on GET HIP, or THAT EVIL DRONE on BURGER, but really any RESONARS you can get yer hands on will do!!!!!!)

seriously i can't get enough of these songs, 
ALL KILLER NO FILLER and that is no joke!!!!!

i might just have to put a best of comp on my year end list of top albums!!!!!!!!!!

  and grab one direct from the source here !!!!!!!

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