Monday, September 16, 2013

dirtbombs - oeey gooey chewy ka-bloey!

YES!!!!!!  IN THE RED is dropping a brand new album by the DIRTBOMBS this week....the long awaited "bubblegum" lp entitled OOEY GOOEY CHEWY KA-BLOEY!!!!!!!!!!

holy shit, i've been waiting for this one forever!!!!!!   OOEY GOOEY follows 2011's techno meets garage punk concept album PARTY STORE, and this time mick collins and co. take dead aim at the bubblegum am pop of the 60s, with their unique double rhythm section motor city is burning garage rock lens of course.....  and the result is some of the best DIRTBOMBS songs to date, and their best album since the uber classic ULTRA GLIDE IN BLACK (from 2001).... these super sweet. sunshine soaked songs on OOEY GOOEY are destined to be garage rock standards down the road, and this album is for sure gonna be in my top ten of xx13 list........  OOEY GOOEY just proves once again that the DIRTBOMBS are the best garage rock band around!!!!!!!!!

even if you don't go for the "concept" of the album, or are even much of a fan of "bubblegum" you will still find yerself stuck in the grooves of OOEY GOOEY CHEWY KA-BLOEY!!!!!  i wasn't too sure about PARTY STORE at first and i don't call myself much of a fan of the archies and the lemon pipers, but you don't have to be a buddah / kama sutra records am pop junkie to think this new one is a highly addicting spin (but if you are, you're gonna be in heaven).......seriously one listen and you'll be hooked......

   and then surf over to IN THE RED to grab yer own damn copy!!!!!!!

as a bonus,
watch the DIRTBOMBS live at amoeba records below -

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