Friday, September 13, 2013

red hex - shoulda known 7 inch

tacoma, washington's blown out RnRollers, RED HEX, are ready to destroy yer stereo with a brand new 7 inch, SHOULDA KNOWN, out on NEGATIVE FUN RECORDS !!!!!!!!

this is their second single and if these two new songs are any indication of where the band's headed, you need to keep an eye on RED HEX..... cuz they might steal all yer beer, run away with yer girlfriend, and put out one helluva feedback laced garage punk album in the near future........

both of these songs are LOUD, SNARLING, RIPPING ROCK N ROLL BANGERS..... sure to cause a riot of bad decisions anytime this 7 inch hits yer turntable...... SHOULDA KNOWN and DOWN IN THE DIRT smash together '77 punk, a whole lotta love for their hometown heroes THE SONICS, some drunken CRYPT style RnR, a healthy wallop of that signature NW grungy angst, and a little bit of that west coast BUDGET no frills, high speed chaos that you know and love from RIP OFF RECORDS........

so yeah this is some INFECTIOUS FUN ROCK N ROLL you need to have now!!!!!!

turn off yer stupid itunes and
    and grab one from NEGATIVE FUN RECORDS here !!!!!!!

watch 'em burn it up live -

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Anonymous said...

This band fucking rules live. Some of the best times I've ever had in a mosh pit.