Monday, September 30, 2013

gino and the goons - troubled 7in

GINO AND THE GOONS are fast becoming one of my favorite garage punk bands around.....and thanks to TOTAL PUNK we gotta a new single to add to our collection..... TROUBLED b/w I'M A BIG BOY NOW!!!!!!!!

two loud unkempt greasy tracks of the best kind of budget rockin' garage punk you can get yer dirty hands on......   stripped down to the snarling basics of RnR, and then amplified way up, this new GINO AND THE GOONS 7 inch is PERFECT for yer next night of bad decisions and half remembered debauchery!!!!!!!  just remember the band is not responsible for anything that happens after the needle hits the 7 inch!!!!!!!

here's crossing my fingers for a full length in the very near future......

just don't sleep on this one, cuz it's super limited and their PLAY LOUD EP sold out quicker than the time it'll take to read this post.......

  and grab the single from TOTAL PUNK now !!!!!!!

and watch GINO AND THE GOONS live below -

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