Monday, February 28, 2011

kid congo and his new greasy vinyl releases.

from a press release that i found floating around the internet....

"The legendary Kid Congo Powers, co-founder of the Gun Club, guitarist for The Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, will be releasing his new album with his group Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds this spring. Titled Gorilla Rose, the album follows in the footsteps of the band's 2009 Dracula Boots with more ram-charged boogaloo, sleazy psychedelia and Chicano garage rock. In the Red Records is gearing up for the new album by releasing a series of oddball limited edition vinyl-only records by the band. The first of these releases dropped in the form of the "Five Greasy Pieces" subscription series. This is a very limited edition (250 of each) series of five different singles each containing two brand new tracks. Starting in January In The Red will be issuing one of these a month. The fifth and final single in the series will come with a handsome box in which all five will be housed. The only way to obtain these singles is to buy a subscription on the In The Red website. In March In The Red will be issuing a live LP by the band titled Live At The Prom which will be another vinyl-only limited edition release available exclusively online."

so go the in the red records webstore here and buy up some kid congo. and maybe some dirtbombs, parting gifts and tyvek while yr at it.

cheap time this wednesday: yr mid week garage rock party

WED. 3/2/11 (9:30pm; $8)
Cheap Time label: In The Red
Zoobombs (Japan)

Coming from an inspired and fertile scene, CHEAP TIME’s self-titled debut effort stood out for their tumbling bass and power-trio tracks that made for weighty three-chord songs and hooks delivered with a mod sneer. Their sophomore LP, Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) out via In the Red, sees the band exploring beyond the three-minutes, three-chords we’ve come to expect from the trio – in the words ofDusted, “this is a fun and fast record, showcasing a band with as many ideas as bratty rave-ups.” With a dozen releases under their belts, ZOOBOMBS have become infamous for their energetic, crazy live performances. Smashing Mag raved after a live show - "I heard old soul and blues influence, some funk bits…live it felt like some odd psych garage experiment. Call it whatever you want, they were sick.” Straight out of Milwaukee and bringing their version of glam rock with a DAVE CLARK 5 beat to our stage, RAMMA LAMMA return to open tonight.

(write-up via empty bottle website)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

psych punk rockers: rabble rabble

rabble rabble played last night at the empty bottle and are off to SxSW to prove to the indie kids that CHICAGO really might be more hip than portland or brooklyn......

they play infectious psych influenced punked out garage..... yes some blue cheer, some stones, a bit of 80s post punk/college rock and a whole lotta of nuggets box set listening....

rabble rabble should be put in the record bins next to the black lips, wooden shjips and the oh sees.... though this is not some cookie cutter garage psych bullshit....this is great high energy fuckin rock n roll.

....check these guys out when they play their next show in chicago.....(or if you happen to by in austin.....)

and you can buy their cassette release from plus tapes here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

crystal stilts get ready to drop a new LP in yer hands

crystal stilts are releasing their new LP "in love with oblivion" on april 12 via slumberland records.....

Here's what their label has to say......

"....Crystal Stilts burst out of Brooklyn's storied post-punk indie scene in 2008 with a string of releases that culminated in their fantastic debut album Alight Of Night. Deftly combining the spooked 60s Texas psych of 13th Floor Elevators and Red Crayola, the gothic blues/punk howl of Gun Club, the dark, experimental DIYism of early Flying Nun/Xpressway groups and a dash of classic 60s pop by way of early Mary Chain b-sides, Alight Of Night won universal accolades and established the band as first-class purveyors of haunting, atmospheric post-punk pop.

Spring 2009 saw them follow-up with the excellent 7" single of "Love Is A Wave," a live favorite that was backed with the twangy classicism of "Sugar Baby." The band toured the US and Europe, releasing Alight Of Night in the UK to yet more accolades. All the while they were writing new tunes, experimenting with new sounds and planning their next moves. Shake The Shackles is Crystal Stilts' first release since "Love Is A Wave" and is a great snapshot of where the band is now and a taster for their second album, due in april 2011. Driven by echoed guitar strum and droning keys, it's a dexterous update of 60s garage pop that places it alongside late 80s Paisley Underground heroes like Green On Red and later Dream Syndicate, but the song itself is totally timeless, and impossible to place anywhere but firmly in Crystal Stilts' own unique style."

listen below........

"in love with oblivion" tracklist-->
1 Sycamore Tree
2 Through the Floor
3 Silver Sun
4 Alien Rivers
5 Half a Moon
6 Flying Into the Sun
7 Shake the Shackles
8 Precarious Stair
9 Invisible City
10 Blood Barons
11 Prometheus at Large

tapes, tapes, tapes, i mean who listens to cds

tapes really aren't anymore antiquated than cds, if you ask me.

easier for labels to produce in small quantities than vinyl or cds, analog, almost impossible to destroy (unless you play them a thousand times, like i did with the pixies' doolitte), great for yr car, and cheap to buy and press (compared to vinyl)....and cassettes hold some sorta cultural aura, almost as much as records.....

so i love that in certain DIY circles, the indie kids are making tapes again.

with that said, tiny grooves wants you to check out two awesome cassette labels.....

BURGER RECORDS (based out of california) has been releasing tape versions of awesome albums by the likes of black lips, moonhearts, bare wires, nobunny, clorox girls, bad sports, television personalities, king tuff, jacuzzi boys, harlem, ty segall and the oh sees....pretty much sums up the garage punk scene in one list..... click on the link and buy their shit.........

PLUS TAPES has just released their 50th cassette and the plan is to keep the analog love kicking.....based out of chicago and with releases by such bands as disappears, black math, outer minds, radar eyes, rabble rabble, mannequin men and the hollows.....plustapes is the cassette brother to hozac and trouble in mind records in the chicago scene. all releases are less than 200 copies and fucking great......

and just remember mp3s aren't as real as actually owning the music yerself, whether its a record or cassette (and possibly cd).......

dead ghosts on tour.....

Dead Ghosts' March Tour dates...... one of my fav garage bands out there right now. please go support them.......

11 - Tacoma @ A warehouse (all ages) w/ the Fucking Eagles
12 - Portland @ East End w/ Portland Bands
13 - Sacramento @ the Hub w/ Idle Times
14 - LA (no show yet)
15 - Arizona? (no show yet)
17 - Austin - CMRTYZ w/ Oh Sees, Davilla 666 + more
18 - Austin - Cherrywood Coffee House
19 - Austin - Play Pinball Showcase w/ Bare Wires, Fergus & Geronimo, Fungi Girls
21 - Huntsville @ Voodoo Lounge
22 - Nashville @ Glen Danzigs House w/ Human Eye
23 - Carbondale @ (waiting for confirmation)
24 - Layfayette @ Black Sparrow
25 - Ft Wayne @ The Brass Rail
26 - Milwaukee @ Frank’s Power Plant
27 - Chicago @ Hallowed Ground (on Oakley by North, free house show)
w/ The Yolks and Tyler John Tyler
28 - Des Moines @ Vaudeville Mews

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

deerhunter rocks letterman!

love to see good indie bands sneak into the mainstream via late night television.......

OBITS wanna destroy you this spring.

be sure to check out the obits on their quick lil' spring tour if they come to yr town....... one of the best fucking live shows around........

see them here:

03-10 Cleveland Heights, OH - Grog Shop
03-11 Detroit, MI - Lager House
03-12 Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
03-14 Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone
03-15 Dallas, TX - City Tavern
03-18 Austin, TX - Red 7 Patio
03-21 Athens, GA - Caledonia Lounge
03-22 Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
04-02 Brooklyn, NY - The Bell House
04-07 Northampton, MA - The Elevens
04-08 Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
04-09 Montreal, Quebec - Club Lambi

and buy their 2nd lp "moody standard and poor" out on SUBPOP march 29th..

watch a sample of the musical fun below.....


new jam from TV on the RADIO

holy shit a song from the new TV on the Radio lp.....out soon.

i have a feeling their "nine types of light" lp will hit the top of my list this year......

check out their spring tour dates via their twitter page.... no chicago date, but keep yr fingers crossed...