Wednesday, February 16, 2011

paul collins beat this SAT. TWICE in a day

PAUL COLLINS (one of the originators of the high-energy sound known as Power Pop and co-founder of THE NERVES, THE BREAKAWAYS and THE BEAT) will be kicking off a Midwest tour on February 18th in Milwaukee with the Lafayette, IN-based garage-pop rockers THE HALF RATS.

THEY PLAY TWICE IN CHICAGO SATURDAY. 5PM for free at PERMANENT RECORDS. and 10PM at the SUBTERRANEAN. Don't miss a rare opportunity to see Paul Collins Beat (if you don't live in Chicago, check the tour dates on right)

KING OF POWER POP! (on Alive Records) is Paul Collins' latest studio album and it's a complete return to his power pop roots..... and you can click here to grab it.

if you wanna check out the paul collins beat in full power pop madness, watch below.

and just remember this is not the ENGLISH BEAT. they are lame........

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