Thursday, February 3, 2011

bad times- s/t lp


"The legend, as recounted in the liner notes, is that the BAD TIMES album was recorded in New Orleans in 1999 in one all-day session after a single day's writing and rehearsal byEric Oblivian (Oblivians, Goner Records mogul), Jay Reatard, and King Louie (King Louie One Man Band), all of whom were looking to purge some personal demons more than they were planning on releasing the results.

Originally issued as a limited-edition LP before the CD version (same songs, different running order) came out on Sympathy for the Record Industry in 2003, BAD TIMES is more of a curio for fans of the kids' main projects than it is a proper album. The four-track cassette recorder used to document the sessions is stretched well beyond its capacity, to the point where songs like "You're So Lewd" are just barely visible behind the wall of distortion. Despite the supposedly dismal circumstances of its recording, ...BAD TIMES is what it is: a punk jam session by three friends made for their own amusement. It's a mistake to expect more out of this album than it can offer, but it's a great loud fun listen on its own merits." ---ALLMUSIC entry (slight re-edit from tiny grooves)

CLICK HERE TO GRAB THIS's out of print on cd and vinyl...but maybe goner records will reissue it someday....

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Leonardo Annulli Paris said...

Wow! Great post man! I'd love to hear this album. Unfortunately the link you put doesn't work anymore... Could you please update the post with a new one? Thanks a lot man!