Saturday, February 26, 2011

psych punk rockers: rabble rabble

rabble rabble played last night at the empty bottle and are off to SxSW to prove to the indie kids that CHICAGO really might be more hip than portland or brooklyn......

they play infectious psych influenced punked out garage..... yes some blue cheer, some stones, a bit of 80s post punk/college rock and a whole lotta of nuggets box set listening....

rabble rabble should be put in the record bins next to the black lips, wooden shjips and the oh sees.... though this is not some cookie cutter garage psych bullshit....this is great high energy fuckin rock n roll.

....check these guys out when they play their next show in chicago.....(or if you happen to by in austin.....)

and you can buy their cassette release from plus tapes here.

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