Sunday, February 20, 2011

psychedelic horseshit promote cassette love and their upcoming lp

bands sometimes love to hate each other. the dandy warhols versus the brian jonestown massacre. oasis versus blur.

but the most amusing rivalry is psychedelic horseshit's animosity towards wavves. the much hyped wavves keep the DIY jams coming yet, psychedelic horseshit keeps it real lo-fi shitgaze noise-centric. and you gotta love them for it. no abandoning the aesthetic and no in-roads to those kids who only pick up on the trends. i mean to say, i know what makes psychedelic horseshit loath wavves for.

anyway, they can't be too pissed. psychedelic horseshit just signed to fatcat records and has a new lp "laced" coming out in may. now they're in the ranks of animal collective, black dice and sigur ros. take that wavves.....(fat possum might be cool, but fatcat is more hip?)

to celebrate and build the hype, fatcat records posted a link to psychedelic horseshit's 2010 cassette release, acid tape. click here to grab it for free.

and bring on the noise....... can't wait for the new lp to drop. maybe 2011 is the year for these kids finally.......

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