Monday, February 28, 2011

cheap time this wednesday: yr mid week garage rock party

WED. 3/2/11 (9:30pm; $8)
Cheap Time label: In The Red
Zoobombs (Japan)

Coming from an inspired and fertile scene, CHEAP TIME’s self-titled debut effort stood out for their tumbling bass and power-trio tracks that made for weighty three-chord songs and hooks delivered with a mod sneer. Their sophomore LP, Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) out via In the Red, sees the band exploring beyond the three-minutes, three-chords we’ve come to expect from the trio – in the words ofDusted, “this is a fun and fast record, showcasing a band with as many ideas as bratty rave-ups.” With a dozen releases under their belts, ZOOBOMBS have become infamous for their energetic, crazy live performances. Smashing Mag raved after a live show - "I heard old soul and blues influence, some funk bits…live it felt like some odd psych garage experiment. Call it whatever you want, they were sick.” Straight out of Milwaukee and bringing their version of glam rock with a DAVE CLARK 5 beat to our stage, RAMMA LAMMA return to open tonight.

(write-up via empty bottle website)

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