Sunday, May 19, 2013

wymyns prysyn - s/t ep and waste your life 7 inches

WYMYNS PRYSYN ain't no slackers, cuz they have two brand new 7 inches to throw at yer turntable......and that is exactly where they

WASTE YOUR LIFE B/W KEEP IT SIMPLE was released via PYGMY RECORDS, last december......and their S/T EP just came out on NO BREAKS RECORDS........  both are supremely recommended slabs of hard hitting blown out rock n roll debauchery....the kind you always need more of.......

stab yer wipers records with a knife, or set your hot snakes records on fire and donate your action swingers or rip offs records to the thrift store, WYMYNS PRYSYN are taking hardcore bruised down-n-dirty rock n roll to new thrashy, warped levels.......  falling somewhere near their fellow atlanta scenesters (GG KING, PREDATOR, COPS, RALPH, MANIC), WYMYNS PRYSYN crank their trashy punk fury all the way up while mixing in the more aggressive and off kilter elements of 80s hardcore, am rep / touch & go guitar strangling and deranged KILLED BY DEATH punk...........

both 7 inches were culled from a severely limited / sold out tour only cassette ep,
so now you don't have to miss out on any of these six feedback dented, high octane bangers....
 which you can snag now thanks to NO BREAKS and PYGMY RECORDS.



and see WYMYNS PRYSYN on their JUNE TOUR,
seriously fuckin' don't miss out.

10th: Memphis @ The Lamplighter
11th: St. Louis w/ Doom Town
12th: Kansas City @ Badhaus with Dark Ages, Night Moves, and Dirty Work (tent.)
13th: Iowa City @ The Mill with Good Habits, and Dead In Bed
14th: Minneapolis
15th: Chicago Day show In Store @ Permanent with Jacuzzi Boys
Night show @ (possibly a generator show) Carbon Leak, Split Feet
16th: Cleveland
17th: Kalamazoo @ 411 Club w/ No Bails
18th: Columbus @ Bourbon St. w/ Fumes
19th: Detroit @ Lager Haus (tent) with SROS Lords, Inflatable Best Friends, Growwing Pains.
20th: Toronto w/ Valley Boys, Kremlin (tent)
21st: Buffalo @ Spiral Scratch Records w/ White Whale, Johns, Thaals
22nd: NYC @ The Acheron with Foster Care, Deformity, Heathen
23rd: NYC @ DBA w\ Shoxx, Degreaser, Modra
24th: Providence @ Munch House w/ white load, white pages, funeral cone
25th: Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie: with Abandos
26th: Baltimore or Pittsburgh
27th: Richmond @ Gallery Five
28th: Raleigh
30th: Charlotte: @The Milestone w/ Joint Damage, Meat Group

proof it'll be worth yer while found below -

the hecks - trust and order 7 inch

Falling between genres can lead to the early death of a band, especially these days with the internet
hype machine's need for shorthand and brevity.  Though connected to the "garage" and "noise" scenes in Chicago, THE HECKS are out to prove that those / any "labels" are meaningless, even if they have to do it one 7 inch at a time.  Their debut single, TRUST AND ORDER released on MONIKER RECORDS earlier this year, is just the feedback-laced experimental guitar/drums dual attack all those stuck in the blog race to the bottom need to listen to right now.

Elements of Sonic Youth's art rock experiments in feedback and guitar tuning, Wire's discordant post punk minimalism from "Chairs Missing,"  and the Fall's irreverent pop structures all shine through on "Trust And Order."  Though to allude to those touchstones is besides the point; the Hecks are blazing a trail through the history of post punk all on their own, not just trying to cop a few guitar tricks from YouTube videos.  (They might even deny any of the musical references made here, but it's a review so some have to be included, right?)

On the title track, a casual minimalist drum beat starts the groove off before a simple repetitive guitar lick kicks in, and before long we're somewhere in the realm of "EVOL" or even Slint's "Spiderland" but mixed with plenty of Urinals' urgency and angular art weirdness of MX-80 Sound or DNA.  Short, precise and too the point, "Trust And Order" lingers like a daydream long after the tone arm returns to its place; those shimmering guitar riffs are earworms for sure.

Flip it over and "The Time I Played With My Puppy" begins like a shattered pop song from Guided By Voices and ends with a short experiment in droning noise.  It's almost two distinct songs trainwrecked into one catchy mess, the kind you might imagine Suicide playing if they were a drums / guitar duo.

So are the Hecks more of a shoegazing noise rock band, or a no wave obsessed garage outfit?  They have a knack for sculpting sheets of noise, yet both songs on the single have fragmented moments of pop beauty too.  One thing is for sure, they've collected some of the most interesting turns of post punk from the last thirty years and compiled them into one killer 7 inch.

Listen to TRUST AND ORDER below -
   and grab yer own copy from MONIKER RECORDS here !!!!!!!


Friday, May 17, 2013

mx-80 sound - hard attack

SUPERIOR VIADUCT continues their reissue campaign of lost punk and post punk gems with cult faves MX 80 SOUND's 1977 lp HARD ATTACK, never before issued in the states......

for those unfamiliar with MX 80 SOUND, these bloomington, indiana rockers made some of the most adventurous and wild art punk of the late 70s......their sound falling someone between TELEVISION, PERE UBU, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, DEBRIS', CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, BRIAN ENO's early rock albums, VELVET UNDERGROUND, the RESIDENTS and free jazz........  WEIRDO, ART DAMAGED, FREE WHEELIN ANGULAR ROCK N ROLL GOODNESS CHOCK FULL OF SURREALISTIC LYRICS, CLATTERING GUITARS, SKRONKY SAX AND WILD RHYTHMS FROM TWO DRUMMERS........   MX 80 SOUND carved out a niche all their own, part midwestern proto punk / part new york post punk and a healthy swirl of avant leanings from prog, garage, noise and esp / impulse records jazz.... MX 80 SOUND dove head first into that art punk sound that people usually ascribe to THE FALL and WIRE, but beat them to the punch.......... and after all these years, their chaotic rock n roll sounds as fresh and edgy as the day it was recorded......

HARD ATTACK was their debut lp for ISLAND RECORDS, after which they recorded two albums for RALPH RECORDS and then slid into obscurity, like so many other killer bands......

but now thanks to SUPERIOR VIADUCT we can all take home a copy of HARD ATTACK,
and i'm crossing my fingers for them to reissue CROWD CONTROL and OUT OF THE TUNNEL, all three albums which are nearly impossible to score these days........

   and pick the lp up from SUPERIOR VIADUCT here

punk rock classics - the electric eels

the most infamous of all ohio rock bands, THE ELECTRIC EELS have left an indelible mark on punk rock everywhere........more destructive, crazed, unstable, drunk and explosive than any band before or after, THE ELECTRIC EELS run as a band lasted three years, six shows and a few recording sessions during the early 70s..... and after apparently getting banned from ever playing CLEVELAND again due to a fight onstage, getting arrested and/or playing a lawnmower as an instrument, they broke up for good......disappearing into the liner notes of rock n roll history....(a more detailed account of the electric eels can be found here or here.)

sure fellow deranged ohio rockers, the PAGANS, ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS, BIZARROS, RUBBER CITY REBELS, DEAD BOYS and PERE UBU, picked up where they left off, but the world just isn't the same with THE ELECTRIC EELS........  

so if you're forever warped by rock n roll like me,
you need some ELECTRIC EELS in yer life now.......

listen to the killer ELECTRIC EELS' comp 
     and crank it way up!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

obnox - canabible, ohio 2x7in

hell yes!!!!!!! more OBNOX joints to destroy my speakers with !!!!!!!!

BLACK GLADIATOR RECORDS copped a handful of extra songs from LAMONT "BIM" THOMAS aka OBNOX, enough to fill out a double 7 inch EP entitled CANABIBLE, OHIO and man oh man do you do not wanna miss out on this one........  

this EP finds OBNOX dissecting pop history as only he can..... CANABIBLE, OHIO is a romp through his musical roots, containing four covers and one original......... the lead off track, "deep in the dusk (redux)" is Bim turning dub, hiphop and punk upside down (warped goodness you have to hear to believe).........and the following tracks are remakes of classic songs by THE URINALS, GAUNT, KING JAMES VERSION (of resurrected numero group fame) and the fuckin' MCCOYS (yes HANG ON SLOOPY, wtf? but so fucking awesome)....all of them getting the snotty / blown out / high octane punk/soul/noise treatment that only OBNOX, the drummer/guitarist/noise-monger extraordinaire, could contrive........

if you know his other bands (PUFFY AREOLAS, THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY, BASSHOLES, UNHOLY TWO), this will not surprise you at all...... but this is not just some throwaway release comprised of late night jam sessions......CANABIBLE OHIO is an envelope pushing re-statement of the spirit of PUNK know back we the punks were making truly LOUD WEIRD CRAZY AND NEW MUSIC........ so many people seem lost nowadays, but OBNOX is here to show 'em the way again.........

adventurous and noisy and bonkers as can be, 
CANABIBLE OHIO is just what you need to knock the apathy outta yer ears..........
so of course, it's SUPREMELY RECOMMENDED.
mark another win down for OBNOX........

   and grab yer copy from BLACK GLADIATOR now !!!!!!

added bonus, 
watch OBNOX live below - 

living eyes - s/t lp

WATCH OUT THE AUSTRALIANS ARE COMING!!!!!!!  fuck the brit invasion constantly referenced in the music history books, cuz if you wanna write a book about the real underground ROCK N ROLL, you'd most certainly have to include the waves of killer aussie bands that have been invading the states for years...... and though mostly unnoticed by yer average american music fan, these down under bands are concocting some of the best / most fun records you can get yer hands up.....  and if you've been reading TINY GROOVES for any length of time now, you know quite a few of these bands and you definitely know about LIVING EYES, a group that perhaps gets to own the title of BEST CURRENT AUSTRALIAN GARAGE BAND, and trust me there's fierce competition for that designation...........

so i was more than pleased when earlier this year, ANTI FADE RECORDS (with the help of GET HIP in america) released the self titled debut lp from LIVING EYES........  and it's been on constant spin ever since........

somehow LIVING EYES can cop that garage swagger from MISSING LINKS, THE HAUNTED, SHADOWS OF THE KNIGHT and the SONICS and combine with a fuzzy layer of drunken do-it-yerself / lo-fi rock that makes it sound both like the CLASSICS and the NOW SOUND......  they've found a unique way to reinvent rock n roll, just like fellow garage rockers TY SEGALL, STRANGE BOYS, HARLEM and THE OH SEES, and they've made it rambunctious, sweaty, dirty and out of control again..........

infectious as those old BACK FROM THE GRAVES anthems,
you'll be humming along and shaking yer hips in a quick sec.......

break yer boring indie rock albums in two,
and grab this LIVING EYES lp now................

   and grab a copy from ANTI FADE RECORDS before it's gone!!!!!

and watch LIVING EYES live below - 
   (yes the drummer taped a camera to his chest to film this video!!!!!!)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

true sons of thunder - black astrologer 7 inch

memphis' most fierce and unruly gang of misanthropic garage punks, TRUE SONS OF THUNDER,
are back with heavy hitting double shot of pure mayhem via GONER RECORDS, entitled BLACK ASTROLOGERS.......  and this 7 inch is unadulterated, sweaty, drunken rock n roll mojo like you haven't heard yet and probably aren't ready for.......

the A SIDE, BLACK ASTROLOGERS, is a sludgy mess of garage punk chaos that the grooves are barely able to contain....... kinda like the MUMMIES covering the ELECTRIC EELS or the GIZMOS trying to cover a HAWKWIND song.........  yep barely rock n roll, yet undeniably loud, off kilter and awesome..........

flip to the B SIDE and you get a cover of the EQUALS' "i can see but you don't know" which is equally rambunctious, out of control and destructive, like any true rock n roll should be.......did they even practice this song more than once, who knows and who cares?  someone has to keep the outsider / weirdo punk tradition alive, and that's exactly what the TRUE SONS OF THUNDER are doing........

so look for either of these tracks to appear on KILLED BY DEATH 37 or 52, cuz down the road, future generations are gonna marvel at the crazed sonic debauchery that these memphis rock n roller were able to conjure.......

    and pick up yr copy from GONER now......if you dare.

and watch them tear it up at GONER FEST below -

radar eyes - dreaming of giants (RSD flexi single)

i've been waiting for a follow up to RADAR EYES' killer feedback-drenched garage-rockin' self titled debut lp on HOZAC records since last year when it dropped.....and thankfully now the wait is finally over, NOTES AND BOLTS released a one song flexi single DREAMING OF GIANTS by RADAR EYES for RECORD STORE DAY this year, and it picks up just where they left off........ full of dark walls of psych damaged shoegazing eeriness, RADAR EYES concoct a stormy brew of garage rock all their own....... fans of fellow chicagoans DISAPPEARS and BARE MUTANTS will definitely need this next round from RADAR EYES, but so will LOOP, SPACEMEN 3 and TELESCOPES junkies like me.........  i hope this is just a teaser for a new album in the works, cuz RADAR EYES blend of garage, noise pop, spaced out psych and post punk is highly addicting......and i need more.......

   and pick up yr copy from NOTES AND BOLTS here
  it's limited to 150 copies, so don't fall asleep.


Monday, May 13, 2013

the sleaze - tecktonik girlz 12 inch ep

after a slew of killer down n dirty 7 inches, TOTAL PUNK is finally gettin into the LP biz, with the debut 12 inch ep from the twin cities' punk miscreants THE SLEAZE......entitled TECKTONIK GIRLZ AND OTHER HITS, THE SLEAZE wanna pummel you with some of the most misanthropic, blackout drunk, stripped down, fast n stupid and infectious punk rock around.......

think of SLEAZE as the bastard child of SUPERCHARGER and the TESTORS..... or CRIME and the GIZMOS........ all i know is that the SLEAZE have rediscovered the sweaty grimy soul of rock n roll and destroyed it all over again........  so many people love those KILLED BY DEATH comps yet when they form their own bands, they just fucking miss the point...... PUNK ROCK IS SUPPOSED TO BE LOUD, SNOTTY, ANGRY and ROWDY AS FUCK.......and TECKTONIK GIRLZ is just that........  all the greasy, unkempt punk rock you need in one surly 45 rpm 12 inch ep........

SLEAZE seem to have few contemporaries willing to play this kinda unhinged punk rock these days, but if you have any CARBONAS, PREDATOR, GG KING, EX HUMANS, SONNY VINCENT, LIVEFASTDIE, SPITS or FOSTER CARE in yer collection, you need this EP.......

a highly recommended shot in the arm,
this is what it must've felt like to discover punk back in 77,
and be warped for life.......

    and grab yer copy from TOTAL PUNK yesterday!!!!!

and watch THE SLEAZE at SXSW this year -

Friday, May 10, 2013

thee oh sees - moon sick ep (RSD, castle face)

a band as prolific as THE OH SEES couldn't let RECORD STORE DAY pass without a release of some kind, so this year we were treated to a brand new 12 inch EP titled MOON SICK.... .......comprised of four new psych / garage thrashers that'll for sure get the most apathetic of rock n roll fans bouncing off the walls in no time......  (no wonder they have a slew of imitators these days, but that's a whole other topic of discussion)

were these songs from the FLOATING COFFIN sessions?  or just a couple of gems sitting around the oh sees practice space?  who knows?  and it really doesn't matter when at this point i'm a junkie for every new release from john dwyer and co........  

so yes, it's another highly recommended oh sees' release!!!!!!  and i'll never get tired of typing that.

though sadly very limited, at least 
you can listen to a couple of tracks of MOON SICK below -

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

uh bones - only you ep 7 inch

RANDY RECORDS strikes again, this time with a new 7 inch EP from chicago's garage upstarts, UH BONES, entitled ONLY YOU...... and if you're looking for some soul drenched / fuzzed up / rambunctious garage rock, look no further than this EP.....

few bands hit the mark when trying to revive the spirit of those classic NUGGETS era singles like UH BONES......notice i said spirit not sound, this is not regurgitation....or "garage rock revival".....on ONLY YOU, UH BONES take the path trail blazed by the SONICS, CHOCOLATE WATCH BAND, the KINKS and/or the SHADOWS OF THE KNIGHT, but follow it through the MILKSHAKES / THEE MIGHTY CAESARS and onto the MUMMIES and LES SEXAREENOS, where they end up juicing their garage punk with extra attitude, reverb and melody......ready to get the kids dancing all night long like garage rock was meant to do in the first place....... too many bands just take the template without any of the rhythm & blues or backbeat that was the basis of rock n roll in the first place.......

sure the onslaught of so-cal bands exporting garage punk these days is great, but maybe it just takes a band from chicago, the home of bo diddley, howlin wolf, muddy waters and chess records to really take garage rock back to its wild, unhinged and in yer face roots.........

these four songs are absolutely killer.
UH BONES should not be chicago's secret anymore.....
ONLY YOU is as recommended as they come......

listen below and get the party started !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   thanks RANDY RECORDS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

andy human - freeze

ANDY JORDAN's been bouncing around the california rock n roll scene for quite some time now, with the CUTS, TIME FLYS and LENZ, and only now has decided to emerge with a solo record as ANDY HUMAN, and man oh man was it worth the wait.....on his debut LP FREEZE via the newly minted CHROMEWAVES RADIO label, ANDY HUMAN concocts a swirl of urgent, catchy power-popped, glam-coated fake punk gems, that'll have you humming along in an instant.........

on FREEZE, yr transported to alternative universe that might have existed thirty years ago, when new wave was just starting to coalesce into a pop monster, when horror b-movies were cued up in the VHS player, before the 80s became a cliche and when all the weirdos and outsiders were lined up at the local dive bar for a night of music that could've only be witnessed then........ carefully choosing his influences, ANDY HUMAN borrows from DEVO, T REX, F.U. 2, GARY NUMAN, ELVIS COSTELLO, the TESTORS, DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS and the SPEEDIES all in one sugary high octane mess of rock n roll........  

it's as if glam wasn't killed when punk arrived, and new wave never left its punk roots and the power pop cult favorites recorded around the same time as those classic Ramones lps were just as important as punk was.....  only revisionist pop historians will try to make history seem straight forward and linear.  after all, you could've gone to the record shop in 1980 and grabbed the cure, the shoes, the damned and the new york dolls all in one purchase.....and i can imagine ANDY HUMAN finding a time machine and doing just that......

extremely well made, infectious rock n roll for outsider pop fans like me, FREEZE is one of the best albums you can get yr hands on right now......totally recommended.

listen to FREEZE below, 
 and pick up a copy from CHROMEWAVES RADIO here - 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

royal trux - live in nyc 1998

listening to records this weekend made me realize that i've never posted anything on TINY GROOVES about one of my favorite bands of all time, ROYAL TRUX..... nobody made trashy / noise damaged rock n roll like they did, from their s/t debut through their final album, hand of glory......  they are seriously missed,  and though we have BLACK BANANAS and HOWLING HEX records to spin now, nothing was like the whirlwind of destruction that was neil and jennifer's run as ROYAL TRUX.....

so here is a little taste of the band in their full glory.......
ROYAL TRUX live in NYC in 1998, 
right around the time they released their classic lp ACCELERATOR.......  

crank it up and pretend you were there - 

Royal Trux: Live at the Cooler, NYC 1998 from Kimosabbe on Vimeo.

Friday, May 3, 2013

ultras s/c - 1417 roberts ave 7 inch

ULTRAS S/C unleashed their blown out debut single, 1417 ROBERTS AVE, a couple months back via CASS RECORDS and it's one shot of garage punk mayhem you certainly need........

comprised of members of the IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS, the SOLEDAD BROTHERS and JEMINA PEARL of BE YOUR OWN PET, ULTRAS S/C must've all stumbled across each other at some show or dive bar in NASHVILLE, had some drinks and decided to all re-emerge from the shackles of their former outfits and as a super group hellbent on destruction.... and i don't use the term supergroup lightly....... their 7 inch fucking rips......

DIRTY GARAGE RIFFS, PUMMELING DRUMS, IN-THE-RED ANTI-PRODUCTION ALL SWIRLED TOGETHER TO MAKE ONE HELLUVA A TRASHY ADDICTING ROCK N ROLL RIOT........  move over JOHN SPENCER, ULTRAS S/C are the real blues explosion.......  fans of the OBLIVIANS, BANTAM ROOSTER, the REVELATORS, the DRAGS, SUPERCHARGER and especially the RED AUNTS (and of course their former bands) need this fucking LOUD / FUN debut from ULTRAS S/C..........

listen.  flip it.  listen. flip it.  repeat times infinity.
thanks CASS RECORDS for putting this very necessary double shot of garage punk goodness out for us to get drunk on......  hopefully a full length is coming.  my fingers are crossed.


dead ghosts - i sleep alone 7 inch

vancouver's favorite garage rockers, DEAD GHOSTS, are back with a brand new single on chicago's
resurrected RANDY RECORDS, titled I SLEEP ALONE.....and it's just the dose of jangly fuzz soaked flower punk you need right now.......

not sure why these guys haven't released anything since their self titled lp on FLORIDA'S DYING in 2010, but i'm glad the DEAD GHOSTS are back doing what they do best-- concocting catchy dark reverb loving garage burners.  not too many bands pay their debt to the Nuggets era classics and the Sympathy For The Record Industry greats while still writing songs that sound all their own....... maybe it's the murder ballad / country twang that permeates these songs or maybe it's just that the DEAD GHOSTS have been waiting three years to get some new songs on wax, but both I SLEEP ALONE and SPOT A TREND sound urgent, fiery and oh so worth the repeat listens.......

fans of the BLACK LIPS, REIGNING SOUND, LAST YEARS MEN, COSMONAUTS, JACUZZI BOYS and the BINGERS will all need this 7 inch stat.

and apparently this single is a teaser for a soon to be released BURGER RECORDS album, titled CAN'T GET NO, due out this summer......... so all is well now that DEAD GHOSTS have returned, playing some of the best eerie, rambunctious garage punk out there.......  thanks RANDY RECORDS......


and watch DEAD GHOSTS live below - 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

chrome cranks - moon in the mountain

it's 2013 and we have another CHROME CRANKS album to throw on our turntables !!!!!! yes!!!!!!!! after last year's excellent reunion album AIN'T NO LIES IN BLOOD, CHROME CRANKS have released a new tour EP / demos LP titled MOON IN THE MOUNTAIN and as with anything CHROME CRANKS related, it's hands down recommended......

the title track is a side long epic snarl of swampy garage punk noise taken from the AIN'T NO LIES IN BLOOD sessions and the B SIDE is comprised of five tracks recorded during a PEEL SESSION in '95, when the CHROME CRANKS' were at their fiercest, most raw and unruly part of their short lived heyday........  though not really a new full length album or much new material, MOON IN THE MOUNTAIN is still one of the most intense and rockin lps you can get your hands on right now, cuz no one plays garage punk this unhinged and explosive as the CHROME CRANKS........

maybe this new ep will finally cement their place with the greats, like PUSSY GALORE, the SCIENTISTS, feedtime and the CHEATER SLICKS, where they've always belonged........

don't sleep on this one, cause it'll be gone quick.
   grab one from BANG! RECORDS here - 



new jams - oblivians - "i'll be gone"

holy shit, IN THE RED is set to release a new OBLIVIANS' album DESPERATION may
28th.....their first since 1997...... and after you listen to "I'LL BE GONE" below, you'll know it's been well worth the wait....... few bands play garage punk as classic as they do..... i never thought they'd get back together to record again, but sometimes life gives you what you want.....and from the sound of it, DESPERATION is just gonna be a snotty loud and fun as SOUL FOOD or POPULAR FAVORITES.......YES!!!!!!   

OBLIVIAN are one of my favorite bands, so you know i'm fucking excited to get my hands on this one.   thanks IN THE RED, for making it happen.

   (and hit repeat, like i've been doing all morning)

and watch the OBLIVIANS play GONER RECORDS in 2011 here -