Friday, May 3, 2013

dead ghosts - i sleep alone 7 inch

vancouver's favorite garage rockers, DEAD GHOSTS, are back with a brand new single on chicago's
resurrected RANDY RECORDS, titled I SLEEP ALONE.....and it's just the dose of jangly fuzz soaked flower punk you need right now.......

not sure why these guys haven't released anything since their self titled lp on FLORIDA'S DYING in 2010, but i'm glad the DEAD GHOSTS are back doing what they do best-- concocting catchy dark reverb loving garage burners.  not too many bands pay their debt to the Nuggets era classics and the Sympathy For The Record Industry greats while still writing songs that sound all their own....... maybe it's the murder ballad / country twang that permeates these songs or maybe it's just that the DEAD GHOSTS have been waiting three years to get some new songs on wax, but both I SLEEP ALONE and SPOT A TREND sound urgent, fiery and oh so worth the repeat listens.......

fans of the BLACK LIPS, REIGNING SOUND, LAST YEARS MEN, COSMONAUTS, JACUZZI BOYS and the BINGERS will all need this 7 inch stat.

and apparently this single is a teaser for a soon to be released BURGER RECORDS album, titled CAN'T GET NO, due out this summer......... so all is well now that DEAD GHOSTS have returned, playing some of the best eerie, rambunctious garage punk out there.......  thanks RANDY RECORDS......


and watch DEAD GHOSTS live below - 

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