Friday, May 17, 2013

punk rock classics - the electric eels

the most infamous of all ohio rock bands, THE ELECTRIC EELS have left an indelible mark on punk rock everywhere........more destructive, crazed, unstable, drunk and explosive than any band before or after, THE ELECTRIC EELS run as a band lasted three years, six shows and a few recording sessions during the early 70s..... and after apparently getting banned from ever playing CLEVELAND again due to a fight onstage, getting arrested and/or playing a lawnmower as an instrument, they broke up for good......disappearing into the liner notes of rock n roll history....(a more detailed account of the electric eels can be found here or here.)

sure fellow deranged ohio rockers, the PAGANS, ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS, BIZARROS, RUBBER CITY REBELS, DEAD BOYS and PERE UBU, picked up where they left off, but the world just isn't the same with THE ELECTRIC EELS........  

so if you're forever warped by rock n roll like me,
you need some ELECTRIC EELS in yer life now.......

listen to the killer ELECTRIC EELS' comp 
     and crank it way up!!!!!!!!!!

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