Sunday, May 19, 2013

wymyns prysyn - s/t ep and waste your life 7 inches

WYMYNS PRYSYN ain't no slackers, cuz they have two brand new 7 inches to throw at yer turntable......and that is exactly where they

WASTE YOUR LIFE B/W KEEP IT SIMPLE was released via PYGMY RECORDS, last december......and their S/T EP just came out on NO BREAKS RECORDS........  both are supremely recommended slabs of hard hitting blown out rock n roll debauchery....the kind you always need more of.......

stab yer wipers records with a knife, or set your hot snakes records on fire and donate your action swingers or rip offs records to the thrift store, WYMYNS PRYSYN are taking hardcore bruised down-n-dirty rock n roll to new thrashy, warped levels.......  falling somewhere near their fellow atlanta scenesters (GG KING, PREDATOR, COPS, RALPH, MANIC), WYMYNS PRYSYN crank their trashy punk fury all the way up while mixing in the more aggressive and off kilter elements of 80s hardcore, am rep / touch & go guitar strangling and deranged KILLED BY DEATH punk...........

both 7 inches were culled from a severely limited / sold out tour only cassette ep,
so now you don't have to miss out on any of these six feedback dented, high octane bangers....
 which you can snag now thanks to NO BREAKS and PYGMY RECORDS.



and see WYMYNS PRYSYN on their JUNE TOUR,
seriously fuckin' don't miss out.

10th: Memphis @ The Lamplighter
11th: St. Louis w/ Doom Town
12th: Kansas City @ Badhaus with Dark Ages, Night Moves, and Dirty Work (tent.)
13th: Iowa City @ The Mill with Good Habits, and Dead In Bed
14th: Minneapolis
15th: Chicago Day show In Store @ Permanent with Jacuzzi Boys
Night show @ (possibly a generator show) Carbon Leak, Split Feet
16th: Cleveland
17th: Kalamazoo @ 411 Club w/ No Bails
18th: Columbus @ Bourbon St. w/ Fumes
19th: Detroit @ Lager Haus (tent) with SROS Lords, Inflatable Best Friends, Growwing Pains.
20th: Toronto w/ Valley Boys, Kremlin (tent)
21st: Buffalo @ Spiral Scratch Records w/ White Whale, Johns, Thaals
22nd: NYC @ The Acheron with Foster Care, Deformity, Heathen
23rd: NYC @ DBA w\ Shoxx, Degreaser, Modra
24th: Providence @ Munch House w/ white load, white pages, funeral cone
25th: Philly @ Kung Fu Necktie: with Abandos
26th: Baltimore or Pittsburgh
27th: Richmond @ Gallery Five
28th: Raleigh
30th: Charlotte: @The Milestone w/ Joint Damage, Meat Group

proof it'll be worth yer while found below -

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