Thursday, May 2, 2013

new jams - oblivians - "i'll be gone"

holy shit, IN THE RED is set to release a new OBLIVIANS' album DESPERATION may
28th.....their first since 1997...... and after you listen to "I'LL BE GONE" below, you'll know it's been well worth the wait....... few bands play garage punk as classic as they do..... i never thought they'd get back together to record again, but sometimes life gives you what you want.....and from the sound of it, DESPERATION is just gonna be a snotty loud and fun as SOUL FOOD or POPULAR FAVORITES.......YES!!!!!!   

OBLIVIAN are one of my favorite bands, so you know i'm fucking excited to get my hands on this one.   thanks IN THE RED, for making it happen.

   (and hit repeat, like i've been doing all morning)

and watch the OBLIVIANS play GONER RECORDS in 2011 here -

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds awesome.