Friday, May 3, 2013

ultras s/c - 1417 roberts ave 7 inch

ULTRAS S/C unleashed their blown out debut single, 1417 ROBERTS AVE, a couple months back via CASS RECORDS and it's one shot of garage punk mayhem you certainly need........

comprised of members of the IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS, the SOLEDAD BROTHERS and JEMINA PEARL of BE YOUR OWN PET, ULTRAS S/C must've all stumbled across each other at some show or dive bar in NASHVILLE, had some drinks and decided to all re-emerge from the shackles of their former outfits and as a super group hellbent on destruction.... and i don't use the term supergroup lightly....... their 7 inch fucking rips......

DIRTY GARAGE RIFFS, PUMMELING DRUMS, IN-THE-RED ANTI-PRODUCTION ALL SWIRLED TOGETHER TO MAKE ONE HELLUVA A TRASHY ADDICTING ROCK N ROLL RIOT........  move over JOHN SPENCER, ULTRAS S/C are the real blues explosion.......  fans of the OBLIVIANS, BANTAM ROOSTER, the REVELATORS, the DRAGS, SUPERCHARGER and especially the RED AUNTS (and of course their former bands) need this fucking LOUD / FUN debut from ULTRAS S/C..........

listen.  flip it.  listen. flip it.  repeat times infinity.
thanks CASS RECORDS for putting this very necessary double shot of garage punk goodness out for us to get drunk on......  hopefully a full length is coming.  my fingers are crossed.


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