Wednesday, May 14, 2014

spacin - megatations tape

philly's kosmische rockers SPACIN are back with a brand new / super limited tape, MEGATATIONS, out now on TELEPHONE EXPLOSION !!!!!!!!!!!!

you may or may not remember how many minds got destroyed by SPACIN's 2012 lp DEEP THUDS (here are my rambling good words about it)....and you may or may not remember that these guys hail from philadelphia's blown out fertile underground psych scene, the same loosely connected group of bands that's given us such notable acts as BIRDS OF MAYA and PURLING HISS not to mention quite a long list of other killer bands..... BUT ONE THING IS FOR SURE, YOU NEED TO BE PAYING ATTENTION TO SPACIN AND ANYTHING THEY RELEASE!!!!!!!   CUZ MEGATATIONS IS GONNA OVERWHELM YOU, EXPAND YER MIND AND LEVITATE YER STEREO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

droned out psych, outer space repetitive grooves, avant walls of feedback, motorik pulses and analog vibrations that all come together to lock you into a new lysergic perspective on life.   MEGATATIONS reaches for and arrives at levels only hinted at by PARSON SOUND, HAWKWIND, AGITATION FREE and LES RALLIZES DENUDES......  YES THIS IS SOME FAR OUT ROCK N ROLL....... and if yer not ready to go down the rabbit hole, this isn't for you!!!!!!!!

MEGATATIONS is WHOLE HEARTEDLY RECOMMENDED for those WARRIORS ON THE EDGE OF TIME who are into CAVE, ENERGY GOWN, COSMIC DEAD, WOODEN SHJIPS, INUTILI, BIRDS OF MAYA and the like........  and let's just say julian cope would be more than proud!!!!!!!

listen to part of the new cassette below -
   and grab a copy from TELEPHONE EXPLOSION before they're long gone!!!!!!   cuz if you don't get one now you'll have to buy a copy from the scum record flippers.  this release is severely limited, totally killer and RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!

also you can watch SPACIN live below -

hozac blackout fest 2014 preview

HOLY's time for HOZAC RECORDS annual festival of debauchery and noise, BLACKOUT FEST!!!!!!!  it's all happening this weekend in chicago at the empty bottle and this year's lineup is just as killer as you'd expect....... with seldom seen bands like THE DICTATORS and THE BOYS appearing along with tiny groove's faves like COUNTER INTUITS, NONES and a slew of other face melting bands!!!!!!!  so don't fucking miss out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more deets on the poster to yer left......

and some songs to jam out below just in case you need some convincing!!!!!!!!!!!!

ticket info can be found here or here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

shockwave riderz - dearest b/w punisher 7in


formed outta the ashes of MODEY LEMON, SHOCKWAVE RIDERZ take the pummel of garagey psych, the cosmic haze of krautrock and the dinged up electronics of early post punk, smash all the parts together and RnR some of the most killer mesmerizing jams you'll likely to come across all year long.......   this new single has a wicked cover of Mickey & Sylvia's "DEAREST"blurred out, fuzzed up in extra melodic / post hangover style....and the flipside "PUNISHER" is a psych damaged ripper that pulsates, throbs like a lysergic dance floor slayer from the future!!!!!!!!!

SHOCKWAVE RIDERZ are on the cusp on the NEW SOUND of PSYCH BENT NOISE, incorporating the sonic adventures of the past while pushing their analog sound in new directions.....the girl/boy vocal harmonies, the layers of samples, drums and off kilter guitars, the stretched out yet concise song stop reading cuz you guys just gotta check SHOCKWAVE RIDERZ out now........

this single is just teasing me for what i hope with be one of the best debut albums ever,
 and one that i hope we get soon............


listen to both sides of the single below -
   and grab one now!!!!!!!!

and as a bonus listen to SHOCKWAVE RIDERZ recent split single with BITCHIN BAJAS out on VOLCOM RECORDZZZZZZ  -