Wednesday, September 4, 2013

garage punk classics - the beguiled

oft forgotten, THE BEGUILED were one of the best CRYPT RECORDS bands, if not one of the best rock n roll bands of ALL TIME......and their second album, BLUE DIRGE, is a fucking garage punk classic........let no one dispute that....  if tragedy hadn't struck and the band's guitar strangler, MIKE BALL, hadn't been killed by a drunk driver, maybe more people would KNOW and LOVE THE BEGUILED like they SHOULD......

nobody played swampy, evil, surf bent garage punk like they did on BLUE DIRGE.....absolutely essential from the time the needle drops and on through the tone arm leaving side B...... RAW, SINISTER, GUTBUCKET, BLOWN OUT ROCK N ROLL might never again be played so wild and fierce as on this lp....!!!!!!

fans of tiny grooves NEED to get yer dirty hands on this album now..... cuz THE BEGUILED were one of the greats of the late 80s/early 90s blues lovin' garage punk scene..... and maybe years down the road everyone will finally realize what a touchstone this album truly was.

listen to BLUE DIRGE below - 

surf over to MR ELIMINATOR for some tasty samples of this classic lp !!!!!!

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