Saturday, January 8, 2011

chicago get yr coats, its time to go out.

here's my list of shows for these cold cold months of january and february into the end of winter in march.......

things slowed down around the holidays. but there are endless good shows in the coming month......

i will see you out and about.......

1.12 tyler john tyler @beauty bar FREE
1.13 hozac records showcase w/ burning yellows, squish and sleepovers
@crown liquors
1.13 besnard lakes @lincoln hall
1.14 mickey @panchos
1.15 husker dudes (husker du tribute) and econoline (minutmen tribute)
@phyllis' musical inn
1.15 jaill @reckless records wicker park FREE
1.15 handsome furs, jaill @lincoln hall
1.15 andre williams @mayne stage
1.17 velcro lewis group @whistler FREE
1.17 mayor daley @empty bottle FREE
1.19 brain idea @beauty bar FREE
1.20 CHIRP b-day party with black math
@empty botttle FREE with RSVP
1.21-22 Chicago PyschFest 2 w/ mondo drag. great society mind destroyers, dark fog and more
@the hideout
1.25 white mystery, squish @beauty bar FREE
1.27 hex dispensers, king tuff @empty bottle
1.27 mickey and slushy @hideout
1.28 half rats, michael lux and the bad sons
@bottom lounge
1.30 tyvek, heavy times, terrible twos and running
@empty bottle
2.4 disappears, brain idea, tyler john tyler
@empty bottle
2.5 detroit cobras @double door
2.8-9 wavves, best coast @lincoln hall
2.11 monotonix, jeff the brotherhood, rabble rabble and call me lightning
@empty bottle
2.15 deerhoof @bottom lounge
2.19 paul collins beat @subterranean
2.19 paul collins beat with the half rats
@permanent records FREE
2.24 dum dum girls @empty bottle
2.26 smith westerns @empty bottle
3.2 cheap time @empty bottle
3.4 parting gifts (greg cartwright of the reigning sound/oblivians new band)
@empty bottle
3.6 jacuzzi boys @hideout
3.8 the EX and Ken Vandermark @lincoln hall
3.11 Jonathan Richman @the Metro
3.12 Obits @empty bottle
3.14 Ty Segall and the half rats @empty bottle
3.15 Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour
@lincoln hall
3.17 cave, sic alps @empty bottle
4.2 new colony six (reunion show) @reggies
4.6 the FLESHTONES...........@DOUBLE DOOR

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