Saturday, March 5, 2011

jacuzzi boys sunday night at the hideout

one of the lesser known bands of the current swarm of up-and-coming garage groups....the jacuzzi boys deserve yr attention. lo-fi bluesy frantic garage punk with a stompin beat that drives any crowd into a frenzy. this is not some cute indie inflected garage pop for the hipster kids' ipods. this is catchy hum -along sweaty rock n roll......

so if you aren't doing anything sunday night, catch the jacuzzi boys with tyler john tyler at the hideout. 9pm and cheap at only $8..... and i will see you there.

(buy their lp on florida's dying. and their new lp out on hardly art...sometime soon)

don't believe me. watch below:



yeah. this was awesome. what was even more awesome, was filming that motherfucker play for me in the bathroom. couldn't. stop. giggling.

Patrick said...

The crowd goes crazy when they play in at Churchills in Miami.... I'm glad I can call them my local band.... sorry to hear the crowd over at the hideout sucks ass.