Friday, March 25, 2011

moon duo- mazes (re-edit, no more freebies)

droned out psych pop. dark space jams inspired by some of the other great duos of musical history, coltrane and rashid ali, silver apples and suicide...catchy keyboards, spooky repetitive sonics and fuzzy guitars...MOON DUO will put you on another level of rock n roll..... this is more than just a side project of the wooden shjips, MOON DUO is one of the best psych rock noise making bands out there.

one of the tiny grooves' fav lps so far in 2011...... go buy this might live on my turntable the rest of the year.

catch them in chicago saturday april 2nd at the empty bottle.

and preview the psych jams below (download link removed by request of the label via the DMCA, sorry kids)

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