Monday, March 14, 2011

up and comers- tiger bones

so most of the time, tiny grooves posts music without anyone's permission. sometimes labels give me a track or two to provide the masses, but most of the time it's the record companies sending agitating e-mails to tiny grooves, "how can you like music and give it away for free, if you keep doing this there will be no new music in two years...." ok not really.

but it's refreshing when a band is so excited about what they are up to, that they want you to have their songs. the old adage, the first one's free. well, tiger bones wants you to have their first ep. go here to grab it legally from candy diner.

they might be one of the rising stars of the chicago rock scene. they share a post-punk inflected garage pop inspired indie vibe with the ponys. though maybe tiger bones have taken the to heart the darker musical leanings and minimalism of some 80s new wave. and at the same time they love shimmering surf guitar chords and psychedelic harmonies. all this and upbeat enough to make you wanna dance. everyone keeps refering to tiger bones as a garage band, which i think is wrong. tiger bones has a little to much going on to hold to that narrower genre. its good music and a fun live show.....

and why now find out for yerself and download the ep for free. it'll make you feel like winter might just be over tomorrow.......

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