Sunday, March 27, 2011

puffy areolas - in the army

just in case you need some more noise in yer life, click here to grab the puffy areolas' "in the army" lp. it's on siltbreeze, so you know it's quality. and if you get the chance, you gotta see the puffy areolas live.....

here's the write-up from REVOLVER: "For the past few years, Puffy Areolas have been fritzing synapses and scorching the landscape with their corroded psych / hardcore scree. Enlightened by the most unhinged charters of Acid Archives and Killed by Death alumnus, the Puffies' sound might best be described as embodying the Stooges' Raw Power if your pretty face had gone to hell. There, it would have encountered (among others) White Boy and The Average Rat Band, Tampax, Opus and Mag Amplitude for an eternal damnation of scarred depravity, the excesses of which would be legendary even by Hades standards.
In the Army 1981 is its own sadistic brand of plastic surgery, heavy on the anesthetic, short any bedside manner. Rude and ready for action, Puffy Areolas will forever be the bull in the china shop. And if that's China White you're talkin' about--well, friend, meet your new Daddy."

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