Friday, April 29, 2011

kid congo and the pink monkey birds- gorilla rose

Gun Club co-founder. Gunslinger for The Cramps. Six-string stylist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. 

The legendary Kid Congo Powers named his new album Gorilla Rose after the artist / performer. 

As a teenage boy, Powers met Gorilla Rose in the emerging LA punk scene of the '70s through seminal weirdo band The Screamers. He recalls, "Gorilla was a close and constant presence and influence on The Screamers and me as a young pup. He was to The Screamers like Bobby Neuwirth was to Dylan-a jester of sorts, sparking many of their great lyric ideas. I still think Gorilla Rose is the most fabulous nom de plume in history. His unsung specter was in my mind a lot last year so I decided to title the album Gorilla Rose to honor his name and bring him into rock 'n' roll's ongoing conversation."

the gorilla rose lp is much like kid congo's more famous musical endeavors.  his albums with the pink monkey birds are, to try and pinpoint it more clearly, are 80s post punk influenced garage with a good dose of swampy good ol' rock n roll.....  

you just need to listen to kid congo to know what i mean.  subtle and catchy at the same time, it's like you've heard these songs a million times and yet never quite heard anything like them before.  

not very often does the garage scene offer up an album by someone with this much cred and talent..... fuck all of us young kids and the bands we are all in and like.  kid congo has been showing us how to rock for quite some time, and you should listen up.......

click here to grab the "GORILLA ROSE" lp.... (then go buy it may 17th from in the red records)

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