Saturday, April 2, 2011

the weekend is pulling me in so many directions

so today i'm leaning towards seeing moon duo @ reckless records wicker park at 5pm
then off to the crown tap to see overnight lows (awesome garage punk from mississippi)

but the hentchmen (garage pop from michigan) are playing the hideout tonight, blank dogs are playing with moon duo later at the empty bottle and OFF! (keith morris' new hardcore punk super side project) is playing the bottom lounge.  these are more than just viable options, all of these shows are worth seeing.  too bad i can't be in four places at once.

and sunday isn't any more clear cut.  my fav noise makers, lightning bolt, are rocking logan sqaure auditorium at 7pm.  but i've seen them so many times, that i might check out the second hozac show with the shrapnelles and topless mongos at the crown tap.  you can trust hozac records to dig up yr new fav band.   and though i dont know much of anything about those bands, i know it'll be fun.........

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