Tuesday, July 23, 2013

vacation club - daydream 7in

if you see a single by RANDY RECORDS sittin' on the shelf at yer local record shop, you need to
grab it, YES even if you don't know a damn thing about the band.....you won't go wrong, in fact just the opposite will occur..... PURE RIGHTEOUS ROCK N ROLL will soon be emanating from yer speakers.......such is the case with their latest 45 by indiana's VACATION CLUB....entitled DAYDREAM, it's super infectious dose of jangly primitive garage rock goodness !!!!!!!

similar to APACHE DROPOUT, UH BONES, DEMONS CLAWS, MAGIC MILK, BLACK LIPS and/or DEAD GHOSTS.....their warped analog, sixties pop in a blender, fuzzed over sound makes for some catchy melodies you can dance around to, and dance you will even if you're too cool for that kinda thing these days........   DAYDREAM gets you going with all sorts of reverbed harmony pinned to a insistent cavestomp beat.....and the flipside, FOREST BABE is nothing short of a rock n roll ripper......

apparently these indiana kids have been kicking around for a while, tearing up the heartland and keeping the tradition of the VELVETS, THE SEEDS and THE ELEVATORS alive and well, so here's hoping this won't be the last single that we can get own hands on from VACATION CLUB.......!!!!!!

totally recommended.
grab one from RANDY RECORDS
and listen below -  

and 'em live below -

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