Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the ar-kaics - she does those things to me 7in

you maybe haven't heard of the latest and greatest fuzzed up garage rockin' sensation, the AR-KAICS, yet....but you will.....!!!!!  this cavestompin' teenbeat three piece is from richmond, virginia and just released their debut 7 inch via SPEAKERTREE RECORDS....and um yeah it's a fucking budget rock ripper!!!!!!!!

housed in an old school generic white sleeve and labeled with a simple retro yellow label, this AR-KAICS single could be mistaken for some lost garage punk gem of '66........even after you spin it.......

those pebbles / back from the grave junkies like me will undoubtedly NEED this double shot of primal unwieldy garage rock now......SHE DOES THOSE THINGS TO ME and DON'T NEED YOUR LOVE channel the best blown out rock n roll moments of THE SEEDS, THE KEGGS, THE SONICS, LOLLIPOP SHOPPE and all those other late 60s garage punk unknowns!!!!!!  seriously, the AR-KAICS have THE GARAGE ROCK SOUND dialed the fuck in.......  this is not some pretend bullshit RnR, these guys are the real deal!!!

file this one next to the MUMMIES, THEE HEADCOATS, TY SEGALL, DRAGS, BLACK TIME and/or THE GREENHORNES..........cuz this single comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!  i'm crossing my fingers for full length, or at least a tour through chicago.......

   and don't forget to grab one from SPEAKERTREE!!!

and watch the AR-KAICS in action below!!!!!!!!

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