Wednesday, August 14, 2013

human eye - 4: into the unknown

the motor city's space-damaged mind expanders HUMAN EYE are back with their fourth intergalactic dose of sssscccuuuzzzyyyyy psychedelic madness, entitled 4: INTO THE UNKNOWN.......  and you can blast off now thanks to GONER RECORDS who pressed this must have slab of rock n roll to wax!!!!!!!!!

those not acquainted with HUMAN EYE are in for a helluva treat......think sabbath growing up in motown, mc5 covering hawkwind, the new york dolls jumping down the rabbit hole with the flower travellin band....... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.....INTO THE UNKNOWN is an all out, art damaged, schizoid soul caked, fuzzed out, space punk epic.........  from a state of mind that also incidentally happens to be a geographical place as well, MICHIGAN, that gave birth to the stooges, frijid pink, alice cooper, the gories, john lee hooker and pretty much invented soul / r& well as modern garage and techno for that matter......rises HUMAN EYE........a group that ought to have some sort of giant EYEBALL statue in downtown detroit in their honor.......   seriously if you're looking for the NOW SOUND in either the punk or psych scenes, HUMAN EYE is it..........  

INTO THE UNKNOWN will cleanse yer mind and take you to a whole other dimension!!!!!!!

trust me, you need to hear HUMAN EYE now.  no one's busting through to the other side like they are......  so burn yer BLUE CHEER RECORDS AND GO GRAB THIS LP NOW!!!!!!!!

   GONER RECORDS is waiting for you to take this trip, so don't miss out!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great review. Yu nailed it buddy. This cat is flat out awesome.