Monday, August 5, 2013

lazy - obsession

kansas city's art punkers LAZY just dropped their blistering debut lp OBSESSION via MONIKER RECORDS, and with nine songs clocking in under 25 minutes, this is one high octane blast of late seventies punk rock fury that's definitely gonna grab yer short attention spans...!!!!! 

infectious warped guitars riffs, a pummeling rhythm section, male-female vicous back n forth vocal sparring and a slightly tinny art damaged analog production all combine to make LAZY's debut sound like a lost long classic, not a band that's gonna play yet town next weekend.  

PARTY CITY and WORK IT OUT are anthems sure to kickstart any night out or DJ set.... or at least soundtrack the beginnings of yer next hangover.  and the rest of these viral blasts of rock n roll could sneak on a kbd comp without anyone batting a eyelash........
LAZY’s buzzsaw pop definitely would make the testors, crime,  the wipers and the zero boys proud…. and next to the classics is right where you need to file OBSESSION on yer shelves....

surely on the best debut lps in quite some time. anyone who scans the termbo or goner message boards for the latest jams needs this highly addicting shot in the arm right fucking now!!!!  

   and grab a copy from MONIKER before its too late!!!!!!

watch LAZY live here -

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