Tuesday, August 6, 2013

running - vaguely ethnic

chicago's misanthropic noise punks RUNNING are back with a brand new lp, VAGUELY ENTHIC, on CASTLE FACE RECORDS and it's one helluva loud, evil, feedbacking mess of corrosive psyched out/psycho rock n roll that you need to hear now!!!!!!!

on VAGUELY ETHNIC, RUNNING's terse  apoplectic, kraut bent art punk is reaching all new levels of sonic terrorism (much more dialed in and razor sharp than their previous lps on PERMANENT and CAPTCHA)....... all eight of these songs on the new lp simultaneously spit in yer face and stab you in the back....and even after the blood stains and hangovers are gone, you'll be back for more.......

RUNNING fucking smash hardcore, noise and post punk into one squalling wall of PSYCHEDELIC ENTRANCING FEEDBACK quite unlike anyone else.....think lighting bolt, clockcleaner, the fall, christian death, monoshock, coachwhips and unholy two all rolled into one furious malevolent firebomb of punk rock....but that still might be far from describing the screeching delinquency found on VAGUELY ETHIC....... just know, one listen and yer never gonna be able to live life the same.........

this one comes as highly recommended as they get!

 and grab a copy from CASTLE FACE here !

experience the wall of sound that is RUNNING live below -

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