Tuesday, August 20, 2013

urinals - negative capability

thanks to IN THE RED RECORDS we can finally grab the uber classic URINALS' comp NEGATIVE CAPABILITY on wax!!!!!!  originally released in '96 by AMREP, this collection contains all three of the URINALS self released 7 inches, a comp track, studio outtakes, and a killer live set....increasing their total discography to 31 tracks of pure short fast and raw punk!!!!!!  a necessity in everyone's collection that considers themselves a fan of rock n roll.....and that is the truth!!!!!!!!

for those not in the know, the URINALS were LA's greatest. most art damaged, minimalist punk rock bands.....formed in '77 and existing only until '80 when they mutated into the post punk act, 100 FLOWERS.....the URINALS' scrappy no-fi raw punk rock n roll has influenced more bands than you can count...... everyone from THE MINUTEMAN to OBNOX has covered them, including JAY REATARD and HALO OF FLIES (and the list could go on and on....)  

and i'm in good company when i say that ACK ACK ACK and I'M A BUG might be two of the best punk songs ever......  maybe the URINALS didn't invent punk rock, but they made it faster, weirder, more primitive and way more amateur......  they were a band that showed the world that as long as you could learn two chords, you can make a life changing racket!!!!!

SUPERIOR VIADUCT reissued their first three 7 inches (s/t, another ep, sex) earlier this year, but if you want yer URINALS fix all in one place, this comp NEGATIVE CAPABILITY is the way to go!!!!!!!

stream all of NEGATIVE CAPABILITY below - 

and watch the URINALS at P-REX LA on RECORD STORE DAY here - 

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