Monday, August 19, 2013

ty segall - sleeper

HELL YES, the new lp from TY SEGALL, "SLEEPER" is FINALLY you better be running to yer local record shop to grab a copy tomorrow cuz you need yer mind melted this way NOW!!!!!!!!

on his new lp, TY SEGALL picks up his acoustic guitar and channels his mellower side and inner SYD BARRETT.... (leaving aside the more garage psych stoner vibes for his other band FUZZ)..... but don't fret SLEEPER is just the kind of album you don't realize you need....following the same inclinations as his collaboration with WHITE FENCE on "HAIR" and his previous lp "GOODBYE BREAD", SLEEPER is stripped-down folkster psych, all hazy, melodic and reverbed.......sure to play like some woozy dream and sink way down into conscience...a kaleidoscopic, mind bending trip straight to the early days of psych rock.........the kind of rock n roll not played much since the heyday of MARC BOLAN, SKIP SPENCE, ARTHUR LEE, DAVID BOWIE and ROKY ERICKSON....... with perhaps the exception of more recent tripped out musical explorations of the ELEPHANT 6 COLLECTIVE (neutral milk hotel, olivia tremor control, sunshine fix, et al)........  ty segall has been absorbing the best of the early days of uk psych, west coast sunshine pop, folkier sunset strip psych and the warped am rock of joe meek cuz all these diverse influence shine through on SLEEPER and make for a killer album of addicting low key lysergic rock n roll.....

though SLEEPER is not as immediate as some of TY SEGALL's previous white hot RnR lps, this might be his most incisive and mature album let's just say its SUPER RECOMMENDED and leave it at that!!!!!!

find out for yrself and

and watch TY SEGALL live on his SLEEPER tour below -

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