Friday, March 30, 2012

punk rock classics - the testors

the TESTORS were the band that was too punk to get in the history books..... formed in '75 in nyc and part of that now famous CBGBs and Max's Kansas CIty scene, they've always been overlooked by rock n roll critics and fans.... maybe its because they never signed to a label.  or maybe it was because the TESTORS were even more raw, loud and destructive than the Dead Boys..... who knows...... but sonny vincent and his band the testors ought to hold a place in yr heart next to johnny thunders and the heartbreakers......they are the original trashy garage punk band....

the readers of Tiny Grooves need to know about the TESTORS......  so check out the download links below and listen to some of their mayhem even further below that.......  

this is some pedal to the metal fucking rock n roll.......
classic shit you need to listen to right now.........

(and if they two releases aren't enough, go track down the best of comp from SWAMI RECORDS, THE TESTORS: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS 76-79.....absolutely necessary and ridiculously hard to find on the internet or otherwise.....)

EP Vol 1. (on Incognito Records).
(a comp of unreleased songs)

Together b/w Time is Mine 
(their first and only single during the bands original incarnation)

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TL said...

love this blog. Great post about Testors. I actually just released an LP of live unreleased Testors recordings from 1976-1979

You can but it at

and you can check it out at:

Tony / Yeah Right!