Friday, March 30, 2012

hozac records announes full line-up for BLACKOUT FEST!!!!!

Hozac Records has just announced the full line-up for 2012's Blackout Fest, and well it's pretty much one of the best shows you'll get the chance to see all year long.  Mark your calendars, Blackout Fest will happen May 17th-20th at the Volcano Room and the Empty Bottle in Chicago.   Tickets are on sale now via ticketweb..... Grab a three day for $60 or a one day for $25...the low price and high quality of Blackout Fest far outweighs those other two more famous music festivals that take place in Chicago. So forget them, this is the weekend you ought to visit Chicago... 

This is some Garage / Punk / Psych / Noise mayhem you won't ever forget.  And this combination of bands will never assemble in the same place ever again.

So here's the run down......
the 2012 Hozac Blackout Fest

Thurs 5/17 Art Show Opening Party @ Volcano Room FREE.  
(3 day passes guarantee entry.)

Mentally Ill (legendary first wave punk from chicago)
Cemetery (gothic punk blood spilling from chicago)

Friday 5/18 @ Empty Bottle:

Davila 666
(Puerto Rican garage party monsters)
Spider Fever (blown out garage punk mayhem from so cal)
Video (in yr face texas punk, members of bad sports, wax museums)
Rayon Beach (psych burnt texas chaos)
Plateaus (surf noise pop from san diego)
COZY (rock n roll explosions from the twin cities)
SYZ (Screaming Yellow Zonkers) (reunited chicago rock n roll destroyers)
ET Habit (spooky noise rock from chicago)

Saturday 5/19 @ Empty Bottle:

Redd Kross (reunited and performing Posh Boy EP + Born Innocent LP) 
Gentleman Jesse & His Men (power pop from atlanta, ex-carbonas)
Homostupids (noise face melting from cleveland)
Fungi Girls (angular psych jams from texas)
Teledrome (synth noise riot)
Pleasure Leftists (angular post punk from Cleveland)
Far-Out Fangtooth (pure evil from philly)
Ketamines (canadian psych warriors)
Barreracudas (even more power poped jams from atlanta)
White Mystery (garage duo blasting off from chicago)

Sunday 5/20 @ Empty Bottle:

Roky Erickson 
(of everyone's fave psych band, 13th Floor Elevators)
Human Eye (detroit's finest mutant garage punk)
Estrogen Highs (angular guitar pop from ohio)
Medication (psych fuzz from connecticut) 
Bare Mutants (arty garage from chicago)

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spaceben said...

hopefully roky's got his old band back, because he just toured Australia with his son's GODFUCKINGAWFUL band and it sucked more than the worst thing that's ever sucked.